Monday, July 13, 2015

Over a year

I don't know how I would start this post.
But, really. The time is so fast. I'm already one year in the work force.

I'm working at Sterling Backcheck, A Third Party Background Screening Company. It's a Human Resources facet kind of BPO.

Okay, we started 11 people in our Team. With someone who initially backed off after the first day of orientation. Was replaced by another, and didn't return, and so during the midweek, Jerome was the last one hired from our team.

Meet #teamjacke, #teamrix,

From L-R: Miguel [curly then will be a bald guy], Nico [Trainer], Me, Jermaine [Aka Krissy] , Kiara [Aka Darla], RG [Fashown], Shad [My main bitch], Sharmaine [Iboto para sa Taguig], Jeff [The one who's looking back],  Jacke [the one beside Jeff, our very first Team Lead], Erika [Girl in glasses, aka Bimby], Jerome [aka Pinoy], and JR [aka PSG].

Yes, we  have the Presidential family joke with our team. Haha

Here are some of the other photos during our first months. 
We probably have not so lot photos of the team, but I have my copies online and don't want to bother anymore with the laptop's problem. 

Well, except this one. January 2015

Meet some new teammates, cos some have been transferred to another team, and left [see below]

Sure, there are times where we have to say 'See you again' to some people, thus our very first despedida to a team mate.

And this is how we celebrated Halloween [Sucker Punch themed] and Thanksgiving [over beers],

Over Christmas Party and first Christmas not at home,

Aaaaaand. after a long time, a team lunch out before we were dispersed to a different team lead again, just cause, company changes..

From Team Jacke [photo above], I was the only one who was separated because the four of them -with the other newbies, then trainees before this photo - were with Team Drew, and I'm in Team Joben.

Standing [L-R]: Angie, Kristina, Bianca
Sitting [L-R]: Joben [TL], Annika, Mica, Mark

And now, I was separated again. To Team Robert.

It was year lot of whole new experiences and I still miss studying. And I'm learning a lot from these people.