Saturday, January 24, 2015

Knowing myself

Beat me to it. My blog resolution for this year is to make at least two entries per month. To unwind my mind from thoughts and ideas that have long been stagnant from my brain or share the overdue life experiences that I have had from the past year or for the coming days, months, years.

Quick post! I gotta get back to work.

Yes, night shift!

1) Maybe I am a detail-oriented person but not that OC. I tend to like details that I exploit the extent of resources and nothing useful will come out of it, just because I wanted the details; or details that I do not want the explanation because the other will not tell it to (that came from petty fights, undulate stories, etc)

2) Make myself not answer or rebut to a situation does NOT need my opinion, my wit and my emotions. Why bother explaining myself and actions. It is a statement not a question.