Monday, September 15, 2014


This is a personal thought and story. This may contain sensitive information.
Any reactions you are free to keep it by yourself or just message me directly.

From Lilo and Stitch. Photo c/o Google Images 'Ohana'.
I will tell you a few things about myself (family background) and my thoughts about it, dear readers. My point-of-view. 

First of, I am an only child. 
My father already joined the Heavenly Father when I was 2 years of age. My mother is a househelp and she stays at her workplace.
I live with my relatives (father side).
Most of my cousins resides in the Southern part of Luzon and I don't usually see them. We communicate only a little but when they visit here, we are kind of close.

Every one who knows me may attest that I live a carefree, happy-go-lucky life. I like going out and staying out that what I just do at home is sleep and eat and catch up on my readings via the internet. I barely talk at home. I only talk when they are asking me to do things or updates, I need permission to go out and just basic things. Nothing elaborative about our own personal lives.  

Just because I do not talk, rather converse with them, means I do not know what is happening in our own personal lives. Sometimes, I claim I am born with a power to know without directly knowing. So does that get me off the hook that I do not care? I care! And just maybe I lack the courage to act, but you know what, I am always there when they needed me to be. 

Life does not need words when it is is not required to. Just your mere presence.

To that I believe. Shorten the statement:

Action speaks louder than word.

Family. Yes, blood-related. I may not have grown up as close to them but now I know the meaning of family. It may have taken me a long time to realize, to act, to regain what I have lost due to a major incident when I was just a child (the people who are close to me knows this and maybe a few more friends), but I know. I know that I love them. I always pray for them. That one day it will all be well, acceptance and moving forward.

And also, I thank that of those who considers me part of their family too especially my best friend's and my significant other's.