Thursday, September 25, 2014

Candy town

We are not all sweet and sugar coated candy
there are times our fillings are bitter, cool, or sour.
We make the impression  that we can make someone else's day
through the various colors, flavors, and impressive packaging;
But really, there are times that we hate what we are tasting
we want to take out the candy immediately in our mouth.
However, because no matter what if you did like the candy or not,
it gives you, after the dis/tasteful period a soothing effect.

After a day of having a moment of hate and asking for advice to calm down my oozing emotions and before tears leaked through my eyes, thankfully my attention diverted when I was standing on the line  for UV Express in Ayala bound for Mckinley, I turned on my music, got a tictac candy, and happy songs played on the way. Sugartown by Zooey Deschanel is the inspiration of this thought.