Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It has been a long journey. It was challenging. A year late it might have been, yet a lifetime worth it will be. Thesis, we owned it! We fell for a couple of times, but we stood up with determination and never gave up. But none of this would be possible without the following: 
First and foremost, the most Heavenly Father and the saints we have asked for intercession to grant us knowledge, understanding, and guidance to have a clear output of this study, especially to St. Claire whom we offered a dozen of eggs, and devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus every Thursday. 
This is for our parents and guardians, who supported us in our educational pursuit. Now that the long wait is over, it is our time to give back all the efforts and care you have shown. 
Our deepest gratitude goes to our mentor, Ms. Cristina Rodriguez, for the overwhelming guidance and support. For pursuing us to learn beyond horizon and mastering the topic we have chosen. And of course, for entertaining our questions and clarifications by which we mostly approach you like mushrooms.

The same goes to the professors of Behavioral Sciences department, especially to Ms. Alicia Manlagnit, Ms. Myla Arcinas, Dr. Jesusa Marco, and Dr. Dennis Erasga, to whom have given their observations that expanded our knowledge in narrowing a topic, writing a deliverable paper, and giving out tips to have a commendable outcome of the study. Also, to the secretaries, Ms Lyn and Ms. Lea, for accommodating us whenever we need to use the conference room and check theses just adjacent to their area. 
Also, our heartfelt gratefulness to our panel, Dr. Romeo Lee and Dr. Melvin Jabar, for providing us recommendation and giving additional sources to further enhance our literature. And for sharing their expertise in related in our study.
We would also like to thank Ms. Kate Cordova, Ms. Kim De Guzman and the entire Association of Transgender in the Philippines, the study would not be feasible if not for their utmost approval to participate in this study with the coordination of their respective subordinates.   
Sa mga Perico's confessions, sa TeoxonCastroBartolome (TCB) Hall (aka the conference room inside the Behavioural Science Department) na papagawan na natin ng plaque, sa Henry Sy 6th floor/computer nook, Jollibee bucket and Mcdo bundle meals before and after thesis, at sa footlong ni kuya sa Zaide/Bloemen Hall, we finally made it, great job guys! Expect the unexpected talaga, and get ready for the shocker. It's about time na gagraduate na tayo, with flying colors!!! 

Also adding to this are our closest friends and significant others who have seen and cheered us through our ups and downs, irritations.

Did not regret to be thesis mates with these two, Janina and Froi! 
To God be the glory!

With our mentor, Ms. Cristy
With our majors professor, Ms. Go
With Ms. Kate Cordova, Association of Transgender in the Philippines Chairwoman
Photos from my thesis mate, Froi.