Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Never enough

Love is growing -  
          a branch in wiring 
                   coiled as if hugging each other 
               reaching one another.

I wish  
my sorry is enough. 
I wish  
I could undo the hurt inside. 
I hope  
my words could lighten up your heart. 

This would never be enough.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Repeating the same mistakes all over again.

Are we never tired of fighting over the same thing again?
Are we never tired of constantly making explanations that never makes sense because no one listens?
And even if the explanation has already been expressed and told and repeated a lot of times, does it matter anyway?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Lost in translation

Yaman lang din at malapit na ang kaarawan ko, itweak natin ang blog at mapunta sa masayahing aura ng sarili ko. Ha? Ano po ba yung 'birthday'? Paano po ba pinagdiriwang iyon?

Chinochos ko lang kayo!! Pero yung totoo. Okay, I will admit. I might be a fan of celebrations but when it comes to my own 'celebration' especially that of birthday, let the blues come and the special day pass by, because honestly I do not know how to celebrate in an intimate/grand way. I am open to suggestions now and would like to celebrate my future birthdays with relatives, close friends, and colleagues.

Tama na ang drama. Sa wishlist din naman ang punta. Di naman masama maghangad di ba, kaya libre lang mangarap at makakamtan din.

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction
Yung pabango lang talaga yung gusto ko rito!! Salamat kay google sa larawan pwede niyo na ring idagdag ang ibang Pure Seduction line basta kasama yung pabango ha.
Watch o Relo. Mamili kayo!
Kahit sa Unlimited Manila muna!!! Ang minimalist kasi nung design. Big watch yung gusto ko. I feel naked na without a watch, calling Engineer!!! Hahaha!! Pero sige pwede na rin yung galing sa Tomato and local brands, basta AUTHENTIC. 
pwede rin sports watch, SPALDING. Unisex man o men basta relo.
Tip: If watch, favorite ko magkaroon ng Rose Gold in color tapos FOSSIL fave brand. Salamat sa mga influence ko! haha
Well, commuting dilemmas nang may ginagawa naman ako kuno. Besides sira na rin earphones ko. Photo from Kimstore
Of course, to lessen cash expenses. Hihih

BLAZER: Printed and Plain, Tweed Jacket

Photo from Zara
Blended Cardigan
Plaid, Ginghan, Denim, Chambray polos
Ponte pencil skirt

Photos from Mango

Well, kasi yung iba gusto ko i-splurge ko na from my own income/savings like designer items, travel.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Candy town

We are not all sweet and sugar coated candy
there are times our fillings are bitter, cool, or sour.
We make the impression  that we can make someone else's day
through the various colors, flavors, and impressive packaging;
But really, there are times that we hate what we are tasting
we want to take out the candy immediately in our mouth.
However, because no matter what if you did like the candy or not,
it gives you, after the dis/tasteful period a soothing effect.

After a day of having a moment of hate and asking for advice to calm down my oozing emotions and before tears leaked through my eyes, thankfully my attention diverted when I was standing on the line  for UV Express in Ayala bound for Mckinley, I turned on my music, got a tictac candy, and happy songs played on the way. Sugartown by Zooey Deschanel is the inspiration of this thought.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Love in the morning

Love me in the morning.
Awaken me with your radiant smile 
Stay, just be on my side. 
Hold me tight, we'll grew restless.
And your round hazelnut eyes sparkling.
Caress your rough calloused hands unto my skin 
 That sends me shiver unto my spine,
I recognize your scent that lingers through the room,
Nerves sends signal around my body.
Let your soft lips dampen mine and
 let me taste the rest of the day with you.

I will love you in the morning.


This is a personal thought and story. This may contain sensitive information.
Any reactions you are free to keep it by yourself or just message me directly.

From Lilo and Stitch. Photo c/o Google Images 'Ohana'.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Random thoughts

1. Isn't is scary when you're alone, and that you may get used to the feeling of being alone?

2. Ano ba talagang nakabubusog sa milktea, yung pearls o milktea mismo?

I'm off to my random musings and curiosity, again. I'm writing down notes from my phone now, and saw this listed, so I posted it.

Hey, half of the year has already gone. How did you spend yours? What's your next plan for another half year?

As for myself, see you in the corporate world!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Finale

'Thank you my beloved De La Salle University and the Behavioral Sciences Department, College of Liberal Arts, for letting me grow inside your walls and now go. It was a great learning journey. 
To all the friends I made and keep, the organizations I joined and became part of, thank you for trusting my friendly presence and leadership skills. And with special thanks to my guardian who supported my studies all my life.  
Live Jesus in our hearts, forever."

This June is a blessing. I have recently graduated from college and now a step away on landing my first work. It was long overdue, my supposed to be commencement exercise. I'm a year late but the prolonged waiting was all worth it! It prepared me for bigger things and opportunities. I can't wait to travel, expand my knowledge, and learn new things!


"I cannot thank God enough for June 14, 2014. It was such a blessed day with minor worriment. I received much more than a diploma but a Lasallian education that is. The journey is worth it and I wish to embody the Lasallian value of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission on my personal undertakings and much more to the society that needs it most. Of course, to the family I grew up with who supported me despite of some hardheadedness, this day would not be possible! And now I'm on to journey again on the world of possible opportunities. Cheers to your graduate! "
There it is, new life awaits!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Wave of thoughts

Out in the open seas, a wave of air and water meets.
 A stranded boat floats, full moon the clouds have shown.
 Staring onto the vast mass of land, 
a man stands on shadow's light. 

Hear me whisper on day's delight,
 'Wonderful, I'm feeling bright. 
Be my fortress, my love, I need.'

Saturday, May 17, 2014


The crimson petals lying on the floor board, scatters on all directions by the wind, as the cerulean water and the fine alabaster sand greets each other making waves and tossing around one another. The azure sky with bits of fluffy white clouds cover a mass of burnt sienna land and green pastures from the rays of the bright yellow sun.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tell all

When something bothers, tell all.
Obviously, it must have been there for days, 
keeping the self from having a heavy heart.
Exhaust the possibilities and shortcomings, 
say it direct to the point.

How brave it must have been 
to not be caged on something you do not want yourself to become -
To be stone-hearted, close-minded, and numb of the lovely things.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It has been a long journey. It was challenging. A year late it might have been, yet a lifetime worth it will be. Thesis, we owned it! We fell for a couple of times, but we stood up with determination and never gave up. But none of this would be possible without the following: 
First and foremost, the most Heavenly Father and the saints we have asked for intercession to grant us knowledge, understanding, and guidance to have a clear output of this study, especially to St. Claire whom we offered a dozen of eggs, and devotion to St. Jude Thaddeus every Thursday. 
This is for our parents and guardians, who supported us in our educational pursuit. Now that the long wait is over, it is our time to give back all the efforts and care you have shown. 
Our deepest gratitude goes to our mentor, Ms. Cristina Rodriguez, for the overwhelming guidance and support. For pursuing us to learn beyond horizon and mastering the topic we have chosen. And of course, for entertaining our questions and clarifications by which we mostly approach you like mushrooms.

The same goes to the professors of Behavioral Sciences department, especially to Ms. Alicia Manlagnit, Ms. Myla Arcinas, Dr. Jesusa Marco, and Dr. Dennis Erasga, to whom have given their observations that expanded our knowledge in narrowing a topic, writing a deliverable paper, and giving out tips to have a commendable outcome of the study. Also, to the secretaries, Ms Lyn and Ms. Lea, for accommodating us whenever we need to use the conference room and check theses just adjacent to their area. 
Also, our heartfelt gratefulness to our panel, Dr. Romeo Lee and Dr. Melvin Jabar, for providing us recommendation and giving additional sources to further enhance our literature. And for sharing their expertise in related in our study.
We would also like to thank Ms. Kate Cordova, Ms. Kim De Guzman and the entire Association of Transgender in the Philippines, the study would not be feasible if not for their utmost approval to participate in this study with the coordination of their respective subordinates.   
Sa mga Perico's confessions, sa TeoxonCastroBartolome (TCB) Hall (aka the conference room inside the Behavioural Science Department) na papagawan na natin ng plaque, sa Henry Sy 6th floor/computer nook, Jollibee bucket and Mcdo bundle meals before and after thesis, at sa footlong ni kuya sa Zaide/Bloemen Hall, we finally made it, great job guys! Expect the unexpected talaga, and get ready for the shocker. It's about time na gagraduate na tayo, with flying colors!!! 

Also adding to this are our closest friends and significant others who have seen and cheered us through our ups and downs, irritations.

Did not regret to be thesis mates with these two, Janina and Froi! 
To God be the glory!

With our mentor, Ms. Cristy
With our majors professor, Ms. Go
With Ms. Kate Cordova, Association of Transgender in the Philippines Chairwoman
Photos from my thesis mate, Froi. 

Friday, February 21, 2014


I have love for words...

That I could fill pages to write my feelings, describe you,
And words would not be enough.

But words cannot be trusted either.

It can give you joy, scar you, and put you into tears.
It is a mark that will not be erased where it have been placed.
A reminder, where we cling on a promise.

Interchangeable, that when one word is misplaced it changes meaning,
take this for example, 'Love one another,' would be 'Love another one.'
(Aha, that one I got from a homily.)

Words are bearing to where we wanted our life to be.
It started with words, then we live in action.
It is simply complicated. Oxymoron.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Letterings and doodle

Lately, I've been doing some lettering. Going back to my high school habit. It's true what they say that, 'old habits die hard.' Yes, and I think for most they have used the back pages of their notebook or the margins on their book to write, doodle something.

If you want something like this, you can message on my social media accounts or email me at mariedanicia(@)yahoo.com. 
Check my instagram: mariebiskwet

Wednesday, January 1, 2014