Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year behind

1. Intake all the pain, let it out, you will be free.
2. When things are broken either you leave as it is or take the damage and fix it - but it will never be the same again.
3. NEVER REGRET a thing, effort you have done to save what is there but has not - you did a great favor of yourself for that.
4. Losing is hard, it might take a few months up to a year or more to recover but do not let yourself down.
5. A one night/day of eventful situation could be a start of a happy ever after or a temporary happiness you will never forget.
6. Children ask a lot of Why's. 
In my two weeks of being with my nieces and nephew, one question will follow up a lot of why's. For us young adults, we could use that in every decision we make.
7. Always get in touch with your friends! You'd never know what a good surprise you and he/she will be in.
8. Keep a journal/diary. When you go back to the pages of dreams and lessons, you will see that you have achieved more and you are off to greater things.
9. In relationships, it takes a lot of figuring things, communication, and effort to grow. Everyday, every moment is growing up with your significant other. Learn from them every time. Tell them your dreams, what hurts you, say I love you in a random way that will cling to their ears, heart and soul.
10. Love yourself. Take a risk and adventure!
11. If there is no more things you can ask, just be always grateful to the one above. 

Thank you 2013. 
Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year!