Thursday, December 26, 2013


"Change is the only permanent thing in the world."

Sunrise. Sunset. Cornerstone. Skyscraper. Young. Old. Classic. Modern.
The earth evolves. Every 4 years a day is added on the calendar. South. North.
You. Me.

Yes! Albeit of the fact that some things may be repetitive, the sky does not always show the same orange-y and blue/purplish of twilight and dawn. A stone becomes a massive structure built for people's use. Our once smooth skin wrinkles. Melodious harmonies turned mixed arrangements. Heat increases and decreases. The four seasons. Our memory.

And a good memory, like the photo that captures a moment in time, becomes a good stronghold of the past. That our memory does not change a bit of what it has encapsulated of the wondrous and grief-stricken events in our life. It can bring us a good laugh and hurting tummy, or heartbreaking that it felt the outburst of emotions has begun all over again.

Then it subsides. How we have been fond of that memory becomes a treasure, sanctuary, your hidden  secret that no one will now. Every now and then, you visit that one moment and a few ones. Remembering how it affected you - your personality, decisions- your life.

You are now good as new again.