Monday, October 7, 2013

The girl that was, that is, that will

She is a lady, a fighter, and a friend.

I cannot remember our first conversation. I do not know if we have been seat mates or somehow during our orientation in the university. Do you remember, can you recount? It has been four years since. As every people change, I have witness her change as well- from her hairstyle, clothing, and making and keeping her friends. I am glad, and more than, that I am one of her friends that she chose to keep (yes, in a baul. Haha, kidding) and hopefully for the rest of her life, to be there as we journey in our lives. So hold your horses, and accompany me, your blogger, as I introduce and make a trip down to memory lane, my dear guest, a beloved, humdinger girl friend from college.

Way back, nene. Yes, college nenes. High schooler look. One of our very first photos together I think. Frosh days! We even hung out in Robinson's Ermita a number of times, you waiting for someone on your way back home (My grammar please. Haha dumb english, di ko alam kung tama yung hang-out. MagFilipino nalang kaya ako?).

Tell me. She knows how to carry herself, her style, her body. She knows how to party!! Look!! There is so much happiness in the photo. 

Oh. She is a dancer, btw. Like her katawan is malambot. Sway hips there, sway here. She posed pa with our friend, Wella. This was during our frosh convocation where each block have to reenact a scene from a film/ theater play/musical, that was the theme. She was one of the performers in our block.

You see the only guy in the photo above, obviously. Well, I cannot remember his name. Do you? I only remember that a few in our block have a crush on him or the other story. Hmmm. Remember?

Yes friends. She looks like what? 

With the gang, and Keico, her bestfriend.

The photo above, holding an umbrella, was taken before the football field is now a Henry Sy Bldg.
And a few more frosh days photos before we move on to this caterpillar.
During Pump Up The Animo training. Training only.

Come, still first year?... She had her hair cut short again- shoulder length. And boy, oh boy, she used to wear pants then. Still, a caterpillar. (Yung totoo, medyo tomboy look. Lakas makalalaki. Look oh. Huhu! Wag mo ko awayin when you read this).

Ayan, medyo long hair na siya. Ay may language shift. 
This was summer second year. Am I crazy, if I tell you guys she is getting girly here. May ribbon pang kabog sa buhok ang babaita.

Duo selfie!! Ha, we used to be vain together. And she has an album of our selfies entitled 'mariepiggy'. She even wears earrings and ties her hair with bangs on the side. 

Even though we are block mates, have some other priorities and agenda, other set of friends to attend to, the old flame of friendship lits up and we gon' be homies laughing at our jokes and stories. 

Health Social Science Conference 2011 as ushers and usherettes with some of our block mates in the photo, wearing that last stock of pinkish color polo shirt Folded and Hung.

And tadaaaaaaa... She is now a butterfly. What a beautiful metarmorphosis!
She is the one on the left. Sorry, have to make fun of their photo and try on new hairstyle. She does not comb her hair, do you know that? Well, I am telling you now. Now you know.

If I were a boy. Yup. That was me! 


I know of her life stories, but not all. As a fellow, I can relate to her tweets or by the way she talks know her emotions. In class, in one of our subjects together, by Lola Fuji, she and friends would always be call in attention. She is a talker! Witty, clever, smart girl. 

They brought me to a party and I met new friends, probably where I met my now main man. Ano kayang ganap namin dito?

And the hair grew longer.
I took this photo of her. During our field work, last year.

Hey girl, this is in your facebook album, 'nang maisipan mo maging madre'. 

We may not always exchange our life stories and the whole, but bits and chunks, will be enough to know how we are. Inspire friends, people to be as strong- willed as you are and a fighter for your friends and family. A milestone has been achieved. Hats off to you!! Let us cheers to your achievement and celebrate. 


I love you as always.

Yes, we repeat clothes. So what?