Friday, August 2, 2013

Political yearning

Back during my high school and elementary days, I don't have political ambition but I always run in position. Whatever you may call that, maybe. There was a time in elementary when I ran for auditor and there was a tie. I became an assistant instead. On my first year of high school, I only applied as a volunteer for the Student Advisory Board. Come second year, I filed a candidacy for level representative. I lost with few points only from my opponent. A point I lost from my fellow classmate, but I did not blame that person. I may not be the level representative but I am our class president. No lost.

I continued my academics as an honor student till third year high school. I could not remember if I ran as level representative again or vice president that time. Whatever I applied of the two positions, I lost on vote count. Nevertheless, do I have the will for politics then? Come fourth year, my biggest leap, I filed a candidacy for president, school-wide responsibility.

Yes, I have guts that big. What led me to? Well, all during my high school, I have only one opponent. One of the brightest too in the next section. He's persistent, I'm one tough girl. That time of application, no one else I knew from my batch or others would like to run even if I myself remembered that I persuaded some. I stood up, made my own party and looked for my vice president, which is my very krung-krung girl friend (see photo below, left side).
We campaigned, had meeting de avance, and voted. Again, I lost. I still became part of the student council as a volunteer. I still excelled on my academics but no more special awards except for that Best in Health. I belonged to the Top 10 of our batch though. Not bad.

After those, I continued to just be a student and applied for office positions in the organization. Do I say I have no political ambition after being lost for less than a countless times or did I do it just for the sake of trying, or for the so-called 'trophy' terms. I did those to prove myself of my abilities and capabilities as a leader. I remained silent on my campus stay. I did not become active on joining a political party to hone more of my leadership skills. I, instead, applied for office positions on student organization and the University Student Government.