Friday, August 2, 2013

Idle Sketches

Right photo: Complicated
Left photo: One striped back
The right photo seemed wrong because there is no breast support on the side. But if the design is doable, why not.
Since I saw the discrepancy of my design, I changed the sketch of the backside.
This sketches were made about a year ago. Myself being idle during class hours.
I am sure anyone of us has that eye for sketching or once it was their hobby. Some of us would want to attain that hyphenated names, e.g. Juan Dela Cruz, producer-actor-director-philanthropist-etc. There's nothing wrong with that. We can attain those if we pursue our dreams and people in belonging to that dream.

If there are any entrepreneurs who are into swimwear industry and interested in my design, I will be more than willing to present the sketches to you. Drop me an email at mariedanicia(@)yahoo(.)com.

Feel free to post your comments below.