Friday, August 16, 2013

Always ♫

Oops! I'm sure the first thing that came in your mind was Bon Jovi. Well, speaking that it's love song in rock - power ballad (I did the wiki), is a good point. But there's also this one song entitled 'Always' by Atlantic Starr. This one is R&B, pop. Those two could be your love song!

Now, why am I suddenly talking of this 'Always'. Gush! Because of commuting. When I commute, UV express are on random radio stations, and recently this song stuck on my head, the latter. I knew of the song, and it's one of the most sung song on karaoke/videoke in duet version. Now I wanted to sing this song in the karaoke.

I apologize for the lyric video of Bon Jovi's Always. Since Vevo has the official video it can't be played on my site so I have to look for an alternative. Here's the link for Bon Jovi's Always and Always (Alternate Version).

And do you remember Harry Potter, 'Always'. ;)

Just came in, because of my friend's tweet: "@mariebiskwet: eto ba yung always I wanna be with you?"
Lol. That comment made me laugh because that's also in my head but I didn't associate it. It's just that tune. Didn't know that it's entitled 'Always' also. Now I know.

You know that unicorn game (Robot Unicorn Attack) where this is the theme song?

Sure ako, hahanapin niyo na yung laro online pagkatapos. :) (I'm sure you'll look for the game's online version.