Thursday, August 29, 2013


Everyone's a fan of their own tweets. So I might just do this every time. And post my unwanted thoughts here.

Unboxing the chocolates

Now, I'm quite sure everyone is familiar with these chocolates just like Hany vs Chocnut. 
The manufacturers differ but not with these two. Both are by Ricoa's.


What's the fun?
My thesis mate and I, decided to buy these two chocolates out of curiosity located at the counter of Mini Stop. So we did. And analyze the difference. Not so professional review here. 

1.) They have different packaging.

2.) In terms of the color, at some point they may have the same but Curly Tops is much darker than Flat Tops

3.) Taste: Curly tops much sweeter than Flat tops.

Any more comments? Feel free to add. Teehee

Friday, August 16, 2013

Always ♫

Oops! I'm sure the first thing that came in your mind was Bon Jovi. Well, speaking that it's love song in rock - power ballad (I did the wiki), is a good point. But there's also this one song entitled 'Always' by Atlantic Starr. This one is R&B, pop. Those two could be your love song!

Now, why am I suddenly talking of this 'Always'. Gush! Because of commuting. When I commute, UV express are on random radio stations, and recently this song stuck on my head, the latter. I knew of the song, and it's one of the most sung song on karaoke/videoke in duet version. Now I wanted to sing this song in the karaoke.

I apologize for the lyric video of Bon Jovi's Always. Since Vevo has the official video it can't be played on my site so I have to look for an alternative. Here's the link for Bon Jovi's Always and Always (Alternate Version).

And do you remember Harry Potter, 'Always'. ;)

Just came in, because of my friend's tweet: "@mariebiskwet: eto ba yung always I wanna be with you?"
Lol. That comment made me laugh because that's also in my head but I didn't associate it. It's just that tune. Didn't know that it's entitled 'Always' also. Now I know.

You know that unicorn game (Robot Unicorn Attack) where this is the theme song?

Sure ako, hahanapin niyo na yung laro online pagkatapos. :) (I'm sure you'll look for the game's online version.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hippie happy

First stop, Raid My Closet's (Arnie Villanueva) Meet and Greet. For her 2nd blog anniversary! 
The experience before this event was the hard rain and my lost wallet. I just hope my wallet find its way back to me. Gahhh! Had my school ID on it.

Second stop: 
Surprise birthday celebration at Uncle Cheffy, Greenfield District.
Waddup to hipster-nerdy?
Round eyeglasses.
Hi hi hipster!! \m/
The bibo and the mad hippie. ☑
From Saturday pizza nights, YFC bondings, random hangouts, etc. Glad to see these people again.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Idle Sketches

Right photo: Complicated
Left photo: One striped back
The right photo seemed wrong because there is no breast support on the side. But if the design is doable, why not.
Since I saw the discrepancy of my design, I changed the sketch of the backside.
This sketches were made about a year ago. Myself being idle during class hours.
I am sure anyone of us has that eye for sketching or once it was their hobby. Some of us would want to attain that hyphenated names, e.g. Juan Dela Cruz, producer-actor-director-philanthropist-etc. There's nothing wrong with that. We can attain those if we pursue our dreams and people in belonging to that dream.

If there are any entrepreneurs who are into swimwear industry and interested in my design, I will be more than willing to present the sketches to you. Drop me an email at mariedanicia(@)yahoo(.)com.

Feel free to post your comments below.

Political yearning

Back during my high school and elementary days, I don't have political ambition but I always run in position. Whatever you may call that, maybe. There was a time in elementary when I ran for auditor and there was a tie. I became an assistant instead. On my first year of high school, I only applied as a volunteer for the Student Advisory Board. Come second year, I filed a candidacy for level representative. I lost with few points only from my opponent. A point I lost from my fellow classmate, but I did not blame that person. I may not be the level representative but I am our class president. No lost.

I continued my academics as an honor student till third year high school. I could not remember if I ran as level representative again or vice president that time. Whatever I applied of the two positions, I lost on vote count. Nevertheless, do I have the will for politics then? Come fourth year, my biggest leap, I filed a candidacy for president, school-wide responsibility.

Yes, I have guts that big. What led me to? Well, all during my high school, I have only one opponent. One of the brightest too in the next section. He's persistent, I'm one tough girl. That time of application, no one else I knew from my batch or others would like to run even if I myself remembered that I persuaded some. I stood up, made my own party and looked for my vice president, which is my very krung-krung girl friend (see photo below, left side).
We campaigned, had meeting de avance, and voted. Again, I lost. I still became part of the student council as a volunteer. I still excelled on my academics but no more special awards except for that Best in Health. I belonged to the Top 10 of our batch though. Not bad.

After those, I continued to just be a student and applied for office positions in the organization. Do I say I have no political ambition after being lost for less than a countless times or did I do it just for the sake of trying, or for the so-called 'trophy' terms. I did those to prove myself of my abilities and capabilities as a leader. I remained silent on my campus stay. I did not become active on joining a political party to hone more of my leadership skills. I, instead, applied for office positions on student organization and the University Student Government.