Thursday, July 25, 2013

Train away

"As the train passes, so thus my thoughts speeds away from me."

In a different view, it is not I that paces quickly to catch the next train and load off the last batch of passengers from the north. Instead of dragging my feet and making my way sandwiched to the crowd, I took time to line up, in a usual behavior, because some is running late/out-of-tine to their next destination/appointment. As I swipe my card entering the train station, I brisked in a normal way, not too fast, not too slow. Enough for other people to align with me, take over the line I'm passing, or follow behind me.

My mind wandered as took a step down the stairs. On I looked for a bench I could sit. There is still lots of time. I will just sit for a while and watch the passengers alight the train, run to the stairs as they inched the swiping machine or pave their way in the train to find a comfortable seat, a hand rail or pole if they will stand, or a back support, somewhere where other passengers would not disturb their business by passing through them while alighting to the next stations.

Anyway, I rode the third train. I sat for not too long as I planned myself to be. There are times I just hated waiting. I alighted on my stop. I know there are only more or less 90 minutes when you swipe your card that you could stay in a station/train ride before the card will be invalidated if you do not exit a station for the time allotted within. There, as I said, I stepped of the train. I sat again for some minutes on a yellow bench. I took out my notebook and pen, and wrote.

The cold gushing air whispers on my ears and tiny droplets lands off my skin. A rain will come. I remained seated for a while, maximizing the time allotted for my card. Minutes passed, I exit the station.