Sunday, May 5, 2013


So you've seen the teaser HERE.
My very first Batangas short trip here.
Now a summary of my short vacation in Batangas.

I won't be hiding the details anymore because the teaser has been launched already. Yes, if you've watched it already (Hele Teaser) I'm cast as one of the characters. I've been long informed but the shooting date wasn't. Here I go again with my spontaneous self. BJ texted me the night before and have read it midnight if I'll be available the next day till May 1. That was the night of the 25th. And on the 26th I texted my guardian that I'll be away for a couple of days and be back on May. And I embarked on a week of vacation in Batangas.

*Photos in random order
Batangas Exit
Lunch on our first day! Yum for seafood!
Outfit for the film.
Random musings, props for the film.
Puto for merienda with the kids.
While they were being prepped for their scenes.
Maemae drawing a birthday scene.
Brazo de Mercedes, the cake ala pobre we used for the film.
 On our third night, we went to Candelaria, Quezon to eat some crispy pata and satisfy BJ's craving.

The family in Hele.
My makeup.
On the second night we went to their place by the sea, slept over and had breakfast.

And our last breakfast before we went back to Manila.