Thursday, May 9, 2013

First month

Parang ang tagal na. Chos! 
"While I'm watching UnOfficially Yours, a car stopped by our house and it felt that I'm the person they are looking for. My aunt whose just on the neighborhood stepped out and was the one who talked to them, she went in our house and gave me a package. Ahh yes I know. But on my initial thoughts, there aren't any packages due yet on my past winnings which I haven't received yet though. I took out what's on the small black bag, and there staring at me are blue flats. Then I read the note saying it's from MORENONG PAGU. I rushed out of our house to ask who delivered it but my aunt doesn't know and so do I.
And with the help of my high school besties he did it. Wtf! Days before he called our house via telephone, then I got a package on our house address, eh he didn't even know our complete address. So much for my friends! Hahaha They're the best, Cheska and Nica, thank you!! 
Moving on, after about 2-3 hours, he tweeted:
And there he was really. Kain niya, dala niya. I rewatched UnOfficially Yours with him."
That sums up the first month! So much for surprises, dun sa flats pa lang muntikan na ako maiyak.
It doesn't have to be full bloomed bouquet of flowers and a bunch of chocolates. It's the simple things out of the ordinary what a man can do. And instead of giving flowers and signature chocolates, as what a usual date would be, he had a shoe package delivered at our house, his alibis, a box of family size pizza and his self surprising me at our gate (it comes before the doorstep).