Sunday, May 19, 2013

Who do you talk to when you have no one to talk to?

We've all had the drama within ourselves, the scenarios playing on our mind whether it happened or we need to exaggerate and extract the emotions that our inner self is not capable anymore to handle thus it needs to explode - like a bomb.

Bearing all the reasons, weighing the pros and cons, justifying your rights and wrong (and maybe his, too) of the uneventful situation, who is the most right between the two of you? Even though you think you have had all the right answers, it just does not feel right.

It is not pride anymore that lurks. It is more than something. More than the security, protection that you give. More than the love and inspiration that that person gives you. It is selfishness.

Selfishness in the sense that when you heard the person's name or one wrong that sparked the arduous argument, that is where you only rely. That is the only thing you could throw. The laborious explanation and justification will not be heard. Just hearing that person's name or one wrong irritates you, so the other person just sulks in the corner and mums.

Do not talk to me. Not yet. Not because I do not want you to talk to me. But because I do not want you to be irrational of your decision. Take your time, all the time that you need. Trust me. Trust me because you believe in everything that I do.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First month

Parang ang tagal na. Chos! 
"While I'm watching UnOfficially Yours, a car stopped by our house and it felt that I'm the person they are looking for. My aunt whose just on the neighborhood stepped out and was the one who talked to them, she went in our house and gave me a package. Ahh yes I know. But on my initial thoughts, there aren't any packages due yet on my past winnings which I haven't received yet though. I took out what's on the small black bag, and there staring at me are blue flats. Then I read the note saying it's from MORENONG PAGU. I rushed out of our house to ask who delivered it but my aunt doesn't know and so do I.
And with the help of my high school besties he did it. Wtf! Days before he called our house via telephone, then I got a package on our house address, eh he didn't even know our complete address. So much for my friends! Hahaha They're the best, Cheska and Nica, thank you!! 
Moving on, after about 2-3 hours, he tweeted:
And there he was really. Kain niya, dala niya. I rewatched UnOfficially Yours with him."
That sums up the first month! So much for surprises, dun sa flats pa lang muntikan na ako maiyak.
It doesn't have to be full bloomed bouquet of flowers and a bunch of chocolates. It's the simple things out of the ordinary what a man can do. And instead of giving flowers and signature chocolates, as what a usual date would be, he had a shoe package delivered at our house, his alibis, a box of family size pizza and his self surprising me at our gate (it comes before the doorstep).

Sunday, May 5, 2013


So you've seen the teaser HERE.
My very first Batangas short trip here.
Now a summary of my short vacation in Batangas.

I won't be hiding the details anymore because the teaser has been launched already. Yes, if you've watched it already (Hele Teaser) I'm cast as one of the characters. I've been long informed but the shooting date wasn't. Here I go again with my spontaneous self. BJ texted me the night before and have read it midnight if I'll be available the next day till May 1. That was the night of the 25th. And on the 26th I texted my guardian that I'll be away for a couple of days and be back on May. And I embarked on a week of vacation in Batangas.

*Photos in random order
Batangas Exit
Lunch on our first day! Yum for seafood!
Outfit for the film.
Random musings, props for the film.
Puto for merienda with the kids.
While they were being prepped for their scenes.
Maemae drawing a birthday scene.
Brazo de Mercedes, the cake ala pobre we used for the film.
 On our third night, we went to Candelaria, Quezon to eat some crispy pata and satisfy BJ's craving.

The family in Hele.
My makeup.
On the second night we went to their place by the sea, slept over and had breakfast.

And our last breakfast before we went back to Manila.

Truths of Life

"Honesty is about the scars. It’s about the blemishes. But it’s more than just bragging about failure, which could be a form of ego. It’s about truly helping people." 
"Life is a series of failures punctuated by brief successes. That’s honesty. Failure is not necessarily bad. It’s reality." 
"Lying about things which require no lying whatsoever." 
"Go forth and get drunk, and don’t feel the need to apologize to anyone for doing you." 
"It is possible to love someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s not a full love, it doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, but it’s still there" 
" It’s a beautiful moment when you realize you are someone who’s worth loving." 
"You can’t force yourself to love someone. If it’s not there, it’s not going to happen. Ever." 
"If you are still in pain, it’s no one’s place to tell you to get over it." 
"You should always expect to be loved, you should always expect to find somebody to love. Then you’re denying yourself what you deserve."
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Those weren't my quotes, I quoted it from's essays. It is such a lovely read. It's my past time. You should discover it too. It's fancy, informative, and fun. 

May the Fourth

Oh girls! :) Kami lang. Girl power! 
The bullies! 
Group photo! 
Look who just came, sosyal db. May mga kotse!
Maverick and Marie ❤ (Charaught lang)

What do people say, "Kapag biglaan, doon nagsisipuntahan." And this would always be somewhat 75% true to our high school section/barkada. Another round of spontaneous night with my best high school buddies. Assembled at Moonleaf Tea Shop Dahlia, Shawarma at Lagro with Mavs, Myla, Ally, Nica, then soup and chill time at Ally's crib. Indeed full of laughs! I was high just by laughing.