Friday, April 19, 2013


Third year. Supposedly the year I will have finished my college undergraduate degree. But damn no! Why, graduate third year college? Because our university is following a trimester calendar wherein a normal 4-year course/degree can be shortened to 3 years. It depends on your course too, some still stays on track, like accountancy and engineering courses, 5 years. And some 4. And it also depends on your being active to organizations that you have to under load units or you really are a happy-go-lucky person that doesn't mind graduating early, and/or make sabay graduate with your high school batch mates who mostly follows a semester academic calendar year. I guess, I belong to the third category.

It's not like I don't care. There are some things that affected me. That affected my outputs to my academic  duties. I was heavily burdened by my emotions. I even neglected some of my organizational duties, not ignored. I still tried to make ends meet though and submit reports. So going back, emotions. Well, there's this one subject, that oh, I will repeat for the third time this incoming academic school year. Yes, I will be an incoming 4th year college student. I don't blame anyone. And for that subject, I think I am really not ready to  face it, I tried. But nothing's coming out. My thought, "I'm still young, I can do the other subjects but my mind is really not ready for this", that kind of work doesn't really motivates me, it even gave me sickness when I took it first time. Well, the second, maybe I screwed up, and still wasn't ready. And yes, while I believe in strikes of 3, also taking it for the third time, I will be taking it seriously. NOW! What the hell, I wouldn't want to endure another term. Oh how Lasallians, view their life while all their friends have graduated already. It seems like they are really crapped out of school, nagsawa na when they've no closest friends during classes. But that's not my reason, so okay! I may have failed a few subjects, and I don't want to waste another thousands of not my own financial capacity. I owe it to my guardian who supports my education. 

Fourth year. See you in a month! I look forward to a more inspired and productive Marie Danicia B. Castro.