Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mondate and Wednesdate

There is always something special during the first day of every month for me. Well, wala namang matinong occasion but most of the time, my friends and I will chill out somewhere. But for the month of March, there is  a student government effort that I needed to attend to and after, a oh-em-gee!!! I had a biglaang overnight and out-of-town trip. It will be shared after, some time soon! That's how random and spontaneous I can be.

For Monday, the first Monday of March. March 4th, these awesomeness people - Joyce Anne, Ced, Gelo, Pagu and I bonded! Pagu and I were together before we met the three. We went to my mom first, then while on the way I texted Joyce Anne, what is she doing, and since she's free, we decided to meet her after. The group decided to sing their hearts out so we dropped by Karaoke Hub (photo above) and to kill time after, visited IStudio and played with the MAC PC's (photo below). Photo booth time!

Pagu playing with Joyce Anne's Itouch. :)

Another random day! It's Wednesdate love! ♥

So shall I tell the story? Hmm. Okay!  Had lunch with Ced and Joyce Anne at Chowking, Kalaw. Supposedly Joyce Anne has a date but then urgent matters came. Went to AdU for the two to have their attendance checked while I wait at the waiting area. Pagu came after, just in time we should have left for SM Manila. But then and then and then, since and Pagu and I have planned to have our date somewhere North, Ced and Joyce came along with us, to Trinoma!!

It's happy Wednesday at Lamesa Grill. After the chill time, we part ways, Ced and Joyce, Pagu and I.
We had great time and relationship kwentos with each other. Till the next awesomes!
So cuuute! Pindot lang naman sila ng pindot.