Monday, March 18, 2013

Enchanted Kingdom: EKstreme

Last Saturday, March 16, I was with these 5 awesome people to celebrate Cheska's birthday. Post-celebration 'cos her birthday was 2 days prior this trip. Awesome sauce! The only group photo we have from our entire Enchanted Kingdom escapade. Thanks to the photographer from the EKstreme ride! Oh that EKstreme ride! When what-do-you-call-that-where-a-passenger-seat-machine went down the sturdy and high wall, our butts were lifted as in, and kulang nalang lumipad kami. Intense!! Parang bola, akala mo magbobounce ka kapag malapit na sa baba, masakit sa pwet yun no. Thankfully not! '

To extreme rides! and lighter. 
☑ Anchors away ☑ Jungle Log Jam ☑ Space Shuttle ☑ Rio Grande Rapids ☑ Flying Fiesta ☑ Disc-o-magic ☑ Carousel ☑ Ekstreme ☑ Wheel of Fate

Watch out for my next blog entry about this trip.