Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bench setters

Uh-oh, no. But maybe we can be the next ambassadors or model for Bench right with its international endorsers featured on a magazine, newspaper and who knows, billboard! Oh dreams. Moving on, well, it's because the proceeding photos were taken with us seated on a bench at Victoria Park, Enchanted Kingdom. See the Enchanted Kingdom entry post HERE

 Aeds (front) and Justin (back). RigVeda represents! Weehoo! Oops, don't know RigVeda? Check them out here. You can book them for your events! Taraaay! Contact me and I'll forward you to them. 
 Cheska and Luigi! ♥
And what? Pagu and Marie. That's an awkward pose, the last photo of us! Can't you see the smile on that man's face? Okay, he's all smiles! 2 frames (first and last), because the first two photos are almost the same except distance, and yet he didn't changed his expression.

All boys photo! :) Promoting the apartments/rooms for rent.

All girls! Yes, only two of us! Cheska and I. Oh Nica and Mads, you are missed. 

More more photos for Enchanted Kingdom.
Photos from Cheska Guerra's camera.