Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Weekend of Everything That Flies

The lucky me powers!! I won a ticket for  two at the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta via Paul Chuapoco's blog at It was unexpected! Who would say winning is expected right? For me, it was unexpected in two ways, 

First, while I was checking who the winner might be at Kuya Paul's blog entry, I thought, "Okay lang kahit di ako manalo, malayo." and there's 1 of 49 chances I could have won the giveaway right, check here. Though I am hopeful, give chance to others. Palagi nalang akong winner. Kid! Hihi. Eeeeeeh, I scrolled like a few times pa kasi I didn't get to see agad the names of the winner, then booom! I saw my twitter username! My hands were literally shaking while typing and thanking Kuya Paul right away on twitter, @PaulThePRGuy.

Second, it was an out-of-town trip, Pampanga. And I only have a night to ask permission if I can go, either way, I told them it's libre, all expense paid trip for me, di na bago sa mga tita ko ang mga biglaan kong lakad. Not that I'm saying they are used to it. I limit myself naman and asks permission always.

And now, sharing with you how the event went. Since I won two tickets, one for me, the other for another. Pagu was my company for that day.

Assembly place at Trinoma and left around 11:30am. Touchdown Pampanga, around 1pm.

Photo from @PaulThePRGuy's instagram
Photo booth first! Met new friends, (upper right) Mel and Patrick, (lower left) Kiko and Tan, (lower right) Daryl and Kim. We were given an hour or so to roam around the venue. 
Ang daming Sunkist bags no? Well, the winners and their +1's were given gift packs after since Sunkist giveaway winners kami via Paul, Mikyle and Dani's blog. Ho ho ho! Sabi nga ni Pagu, "Mapupurga ako sa Sunkist." Oh oh oh!! I have a banat. Legen... wait for it dary.
ORANGE ka ba?
I-SUNKIST naman dyan oh.
Gets niyo ba? Hihi! So sweet if you did and corny at the same time! It means, asking for a kiss. Sounds like, "isang kiss" (one kiss).

That's what Sunkist did to me! LOL!
We look like promoting what, Canon or Sunkist? Modelesque photo!

We left early at the event, we didn't get to witness the lighting of the hot air balloons. But anyway, since it's Kuya Paul's birthday the day before, he treated us at Angeles Fried Chicken and made kwentos. Yum yum! Gravy's like at KFC. Nakabubusog! Delicious! Huhuhu I'll come back!
Kuya Paul need to go back at the event area the next day, so before we dropped him to his lodging place, we had photos taken at the van.
Do you want to know what our refrigerator looked like after?
Tadaaa!! From Sunkist! 

Photos from Paul The PR Guy's blogs and Patrick Sison

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