Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bench setters

Uh-oh, no. But maybe we can be the next ambassadors or model for Bench right with its international endorsers featured on a magazine, newspaper and who knows, billboard! Oh dreams. Moving on, well, it's because the proceeding photos were taken with us seated on a bench at Victoria Park, Enchanted Kingdom. See the Enchanted Kingdom entry post HERE

 Aeds (front) and Justin (back). RigVeda represents! Weehoo! Oops, don't know RigVeda? Check them out here. You can book them for your events! Taraaay! Contact me and I'll forward you to them. 
 Cheska and Luigi! ♥
And what? Pagu and Marie. That's an awkward pose, the last photo of us! Can't you see the smile on that man's face? Okay, he's all smiles! 2 frames (first and last), because the first two photos are almost the same except distance, and yet he didn't changed his expression.

All boys photo! :) Promoting the apartments/rooms for rent.

All girls! Yes, only two of us! Cheska and I. Oh Nica and Mads, you are missed. 

More more photos for Enchanted Kingdom.
Photos from Cheska Guerra's camera.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Back to blogging

Back in 2011 (when I started to use blogspot as my main blog site) up to early 2012, I used to fill a month's worth of blog entries on this online diary of mine. If you will check at my archives, there at the side, I have about 25-30 posts for a month. I also used to share my random thoughts and feelings. I used to write. I did not stop. I took a break? I guess not.

There are points in my life where I tell myself, I should blog about this. That thought, feeling that invades my inner being. There is a surge within me, but it is not outlined properly. I don't how I will start or address or what's the significance if I started to blog and publish it. What is the message that I want to convey?

Do you know, I am planning to write an article and submit one to them if my thoughts are clear already, and if I am clear with how I want to share it online. I have not even drafted what I am feeling back then, memories refresh me, somehow linking the things I want to draw. And soon, I will be back. Writing my thoughts, randomly, anything under the sun.

P.S. I want to share a blog where somehow, this person never fails to voice out what I wanted to write, visit

Friday, March 15, 2013

Being random in Batangas

About two weekends ago, randomly Keico texted me to go with her to Batangas. What's the occasion? None. She told me, that BJ, our common friend just commented on her photo and that was where their/our random getaway to Batangas happened. And by that, I mean I came from an org event, slept over at a friend's place, travelled to Manila, off to Batangas for an overnight, back to Quezon City where I live. I haven't changed clothes for like 3 days! But hey, naliligo naman ako and I have extra baon thankfully.

Photos will accompany you on this trip.
Photos from Keico's Instagram, Itouch.

Listening to two different songs, genre. Right ear, rock. Left ear, soft music. Awesome right?! 
This is the real first photo of our trip. On the bus. At the back. Field trippers!

When we got off to Lipa terminal, we rode a van to San Juan, Batangas. And met this adorable kid! He's just so cute, I have to have a picture with him taken! But then why oh why he's not smiling. Huhuhu!

This is called "banggerahan." Correct me if I'm wrong. This is usual in provincial settings - where they wash there dishes.

Op! Op! Photo op at the banggerahan! Fantastic window set up!
Luuuuunch! They're so many! Hipon, sinigang, bbq. All yummy! Plus merienda, like ginataan but not, starts with 'p'.



Soooo, BJ our friend, is a package heaven sent from above. Kidding! But he's musically talented. He played the piano with Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me and Oasis' Champagne Supernova. We even recorded the latter. Oh here it is, listen!! Don't watch na. 

I know only one song, just the notes.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Weekend of Everything That Flies

The lucky me powers!! I won a ticket for  two at the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta via Paul Chuapoco's blog at It was unexpected! Who would say winning is expected right? For me, it was unexpected in two ways, 

First, while I was checking who the winner might be at Kuya Paul's blog entry, I thought, "Okay lang kahit di ako manalo, malayo." and there's 1 of 49 chances I could have won the giveaway right, check here. Though I am hopeful, give chance to others. Palagi nalang akong winner. Kid! Hihi. Eeeeeeh, I scrolled like a few times pa kasi I didn't get to see agad the names of the winner, then booom! I saw my twitter username! My hands were literally shaking while typing and thanking Kuya Paul right away on twitter, @PaulThePRGuy.

Second, it was an out-of-town trip, Pampanga. And I only have a night to ask permission if I can go, either way, I told them it's libre, all expense paid trip for me, di na bago sa mga tita ko ang mga biglaan kong lakad. Not that I'm saying they are used to it. I limit myself naman and asks permission always.

And now, sharing with you how the event went. Since I won two tickets, one for me, the other for another. Pagu was my company for that day.

Assembly place at Trinoma and left around 11:30am. Touchdown Pampanga, around 1pm.

Photo from @PaulThePRGuy's instagram
Photo booth first! Met new friends, (upper right) Mel and Patrick, (lower left) Kiko and Tan, (lower right) Daryl and Kim. We were given an hour or so to roam around the venue. 
Ang daming Sunkist bags no? Well, the winners and their +1's were given gift packs after since Sunkist giveaway winners kami via Paul, Mikyle and Dani's blog. Ho ho ho! Sabi nga ni Pagu, "Mapupurga ako sa Sunkist." Oh oh oh!! I have a banat. Legen... wait for it dary.
ORANGE ka ba?
I-SUNKIST naman dyan oh.
Gets niyo ba? Hihi! So sweet if you did and corny at the same time! It means, asking for a kiss. Sounds like, "isang kiss" (one kiss).

That's what Sunkist did to me! LOL!
We look like promoting what, Canon or Sunkist? Modelesque photo!

Mondate and Wednesdate

There is always something special during the first day of every month for me. Well, wala namang matinong occasion but most of the time, my friends and I will chill out somewhere. But for the month of March, there is  a student government effort that I needed to attend to and after, a oh-em-gee!!! I had a biglaang overnight and out-of-town trip. It will be shared after, some time soon! That's how random and spontaneous I can be.

For Monday, the first Monday of March. March 4th, these awesomeness people - Joyce Anne, Ced, Gelo, Pagu and I bonded! Pagu and I were together before we met the three. We went to my mom first, then while on the way I texted Joyce Anne, what is she doing, and since she's free, we decided to meet her after. The group decided to sing their hearts out so we dropped by Karaoke Hub (photo above) and to kill time after, visited IStudio and played with the MAC PC's (photo below). Photo booth time!

Pagu playing with Joyce Anne's Itouch. :)

Another random day! It's Wednesdate love! ♥

So shall I tell the story? Hmm. Okay!  Had lunch with Ced and Joyce Anne at Chowking, Kalaw. Supposedly Joyce Anne has a date but then urgent matters came. Went to AdU for the two to have their attendance checked while I wait at the waiting area. Pagu came after, just in time we should have left for SM Manila. But then and then and then, since and Pagu and I have planned to have our date somewhere North, Ced and Joyce came along with us, to Trinoma!!

It's happy Wednesday at Lamesa Grill. After the chill time, we part ways, Ced and Joyce, Pagu and I.
We had great time and relationship kwentos with each other. Till the next awesomes!
So cuuute! Pindot lang naman sila ng pindot.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Skipping Thursday

And the last day of February was a Thursday, so why not skip it and head on to March. Kidding aside, I spent Thursday with my Adamsonian friends. So long since we last saw each other, so the random me contacted Joyce Anne! 

We had lunch at Pizza Hut! Feast for 4! Yummm!! We were so full, there's one pizza left.

After, Joyce Anne and I chilled out somewhere in Pedro Gil. Surprisingly, this man, yes the one below, came unexpectedly. Yun naman pala
After the chill out, I need to borrow something from my bestfriend. Lo and behold! Pagu accompanied me to my bestfriend's house. South meets north, baby! 

Photo from Nica's twitter.
End of February.