Friday, February 22, 2013

Twenty - One

How sweet I have met these people and in a short span of time we clicked and olah, I've attended one them birthdays. Let the photos speak for you what happened that night, February 16, 2013. Post-birthday celebration

Thanks to my favorite source for this photos. You know who you are.

Birthday cake!! 21st birthday! EE youth because they're Electrical Engineering peops.
Xander, the husky.
High school classmates + birthday boy! 
 Group shot! 

Wish and blow the cake

Chicks po kami. :)

The two lovely couples of the night.

Uhhh! Practice shots. Nagalit pa siya, di kasi ako labas ngipin ngiti.

This is one epic photo!!! 

With the birthday boooooy!

And what's a celebration without alcohol? (Bacardi!)