Monday, January 21, 2013


I once read an essay on a national exam about waiting. It says that a part, a whole of our life is spent on waiting - none specifically mentioned anything. And the topic never left me and I was set to believe and apply  that principle.

Take this for example, when we sleep, we wait to wake up or for the morning to come, and the dreams are work of our subconscious for a pleasant waiting. While we do every other small details for the next act, we just wait for each one to finish the other. We wait for the bus, jeepney, or cab. We wait to reach to our destination. We wait for class/work to finish so we could go home already.We wait for the movie to start and wait for it to finish. We wait until we fall asleep. And the cycle of waiting goes on. At least, that's how I remembered the examples.

I thought of this hard enough. Hard enough that I almost agree to it. A part of me clings that what I do is waiting even though my mind is pre-occupied with many things because I've got to do it all. I have to finish or accomplished the tasks listed on my mind, they are on queue, waiting for one to happen.

I would like to think that while I am waiting, I am also being forgotten.

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