Saturday, January 5, 2013

Throwback 2012

I already have written an entry on my actual diary a look back on my 2012. A few of its content I have posted on this blog also. Now, I thought of, okay, succumbing to write an online part of it. Or maybe, a trip to memory lane again. Come join me, as I take a look back on my 2012.

18th birthday celebrations I have been part of to wish for the debutante.

Internship at One Mega Group
Strata 100, With the receptionist, Ms. Fiona, Security Guard
How lucky and grateful am I to be part, a Human Resource intern, of one of the most prestigious publishing company in the Philippines. To Ms. Fiona, who contacted, interviewed, and hired me, a thank you very much. Also to my co-interns I've met, Pat and Vanessa. And to the rest of the HR team, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Jonah, and HR Director, Ms. Connie.

And other spontaneous and graces trips in between. (in random order)
YFC Household (when I was still a cluster head)
The Mistress with Keico and sib and friend, Wella.
UGNAYAN: Ateneo - La Salle Summit 2012 (January)
Being caught asleep.
Reading during Holy Week.
Kuya Gerber's  birthday.
My first godson's baptism.
Reunited with some college friends.
Field trip!
Modelling for Pepe Jeans during the Frosh Welcoming.
I also have my downs, I have my heartbreak. My failures in my academic duties. But that did not stop me because I strive to rise on those situations. I still live the life I wanted to be, go on, and be happy. Just like the famous saying today, "Keep calm and carry on."

That's it for my 2012.