Friday, January 11, 2013

Prayer: Weekend

Lovingly Father, 
As we end the day and enjoy the weekend ahead, thank you for providing us with knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to endure a whole week of academic duties. Thank you for giving us new learnings to use as guide/motivation to our life and add up to our knowledge as well. Thank you for we will be unloading your own stresses and will have it replaced by the fruits of love you have given by the people around us. 
We ask for the forgiveness of our sins and renewal of our faith and spirit. 
We lift up to you the people who are close to us, those who need your help, and all the people in the world. And as we end this subject, may you bless the class and keep them safe and provide protection in their own homes.
The first prayer was supposed to be read before the class starts. And this is after.
P.S. The write up is modified.