Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prayer: New Day

Almighy Father, 
With a new day that has begun, you give us hope and opportunity to experience life and its endless possibilities. With your power, our souls have found happiness and inspiration to continue and influence people of our faith. You have shown your deep understanding of  various activities that you have situated us and we are grateful for the humble beginning that you endowed on us. 
As we face the challenges of the day, give us  the grace to be patient, kind, courageous, and generous; to be attentive to the society we are living, and to show support to the advocacy of the underprivileged people. Make us see the goodness you have bestowed upon us and guide us to act according to your will. Give us an insight of your visions and help us execute your plans. 
You have a hint where I have made that prayer for. We were asked to make one in case we were chosen to lead the prayer.

P.S. The write up is modified.