Saturday, January 5, 2013

Like A Kid (Repost)

Wow! My first entry for 2013 but the post is not really mine. I reposted it from my blockmate's blog,, entitled Like A Kid. The author of this post must I say is very intellectual, I like the way she puts up her blog. Let's move on and know, what love is - like a kid.
You know when kids are not allowed to go out and play without the proper gear? Without a helmet when they go biking, pads when they go skating, or any repellant applied on their skin to prevent mosquito bites when going out.

That should be you. On the battlefield of love, never go out exposed.

Think about this, every single time you go out there to risk anything in the name of love, you’re the child who gets scolded for going out naked. You’re exposed for everyone to satisfy their need for pain infliction.

At this time and age, the only thing you can do to be “unexposed” is to expect things to happen. Expect that people will come and go; some will make you happy, and leave like it’s just a rule of life. Expecting isn’t necessarily bad, not anymore. Some things are bound to happen… And I mean just happen, but not actually last the way we want them to.

In many cases, although we know that we’ve prepared ourselves for that moment when someone exits our lives, we forget all the prepping up, the moment we realize how much it was all too real. When we realize how badly we wanted it to last, how badly we didn’t want to think about the future of them leaving us. You can never be too prepared for something — true, especially when it comes to love.

But no kid wants to experience the world fully-guarded. Kids do it without any worries. Without wondering if they’ll get hurt. They just do it.

That’s the thing about it, pain never leaves our side even if we push it away, it just doesn’t go away until we learn from it. It’s part of a larger cycle that makind created.

Like a kid, we should experience the world with no worries. Like a kid, we should know how to be happy with just the trip, and not just the destination. From the travel itself, we take a lot of experiences and memories already. Like a kid, we should learn to accept the fact that no one really knows what lies ahead so we appreciate and treasure the littlest of things.

Live freely. Get hurt. Stand up. Live again. Everyone goes through it. You’re not alone.
(December 27, 2012) 
Thank you Era, for letting me post your entry.