Monday, January 21, 2013


I once read an essay on a national exam about waiting. It says that a part, a whole of our life is spent on waiting - none specifically mentioned anything. And the topic never left me and I was set to believe and apply  that principle.

Take this for example, when we sleep, we wait to wake up or for the morning to come, and the dreams are work of our subconscious for a pleasant waiting. While we do every other small details for the next act, we just wait for each one to finish the other. We wait for the bus, jeepney, or cab. We wait to reach to our destination. We wait for class/work to finish so we could go home already.We wait for the movie to start and wait for it to finish. We wait until we fall asleep. And the cycle of waiting goes on. At least, that's how I remembered the examples.

I thought of this hard enough. Hard enough that I almost agree to it. A part of me clings that what I do is waiting even though my mind is pre-occupied with many things because I've got to do it all. I have to finish or accomplished the tasks listed on my mind, they are on queue, waiting for one to happen.

I would like to think that while I am waiting, I am also being forgotten.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hooray for Today

Did you sing? Well if the words are familiar, I'm sure you've hummed it.

Why so ecstatic? Because I today, I'm able to get my graduation photos which were taken September last year. Oh just the sight of it! "Graduation, career, another degree maybe." And a lot more. I don't know, but I don't want to share pa sana my graduation photos. It's just that I want to surprise myself, even you my dear friends and readers. I want to share it all, after I'm done.

This is one of the steps, having my graduation photo taken. There are still thesis, and other academic duties on board.

Wish with me the best and pray for my endeavors.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Prayer: Weekend

Lovingly Father, 
As we end the day and enjoy the weekend ahead, thank you for providing us with knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to endure a whole week of academic duties. Thank you for giving us new learnings to use as guide/motivation to our life and add up to our knowledge as well. Thank you for we will be unloading your own stresses and will have it replaced by the fruits of love you have given by the people around us. 
We ask for the forgiveness of our sins and renewal of our faith and spirit. 
We lift up to you the people who are close to us, those who need your help, and all the people in the world. And as we end this subject, may you bless the class and keep them safe and provide protection in their own homes.
The first prayer was supposed to be read before the class starts. And this is after.
P.S. The write up is modified.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Prayer: New Day

Almighy Father, 
With a new day that has begun, you give us hope and opportunity to experience life and its endless possibilities. With your power, our souls have found happiness and inspiration to continue and influence people of our faith. You have shown your deep understanding of  various activities that you have situated us and we are grateful for the humble beginning that you endowed on us. 
As we face the challenges of the day, give us  the grace to be patient, kind, courageous, and generous; to be attentive to the society we are living, and to show support to the advocacy of the underprivileged people. Make us see the goodness you have bestowed upon us and guide us to act according to your will. Give us an insight of your visions and help us execute your plans. 
You have a hint where I have made that prayer for. We were asked to make one in case we were chosen to lead the prayer.

P.S. The write up is modified.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Love happens

"Love happens. It’s an indefinite and infinite feeling beyond the nerves and tissues of our body. Something mutual and understanding. Love is that feeling that you can give to anyone without asking them to love you in return but show appreciation if cannot."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Dirty Twister Can Be

The most awaited moment of  our section in high school! A reunion!! Legit! Finally after three years, except the debuts and birthday celebrations. At least more than half have attended.

The food! Potluck of course. We have some pizza, rice, pancit, chicken, siomai, gelatin, and drinks!

And how crazy or must I say dirty twister can be...

What a froggy me! 

YFC Christmas Party 2012

Still stuck with the Christmas season. It is only now, I will be updating what happened to my Christmas. There's a  lot of  Christmas parties I've attended, and they were always fun. First off, YFC Christmas Party.

Couple shirt?! Na! :D
Funny Bones! *tickle tickle
The Apple-eating game! 

Having fun with twister! 

 Oh! The food! Yum :O

Managed to squeeze in some group shots.

There were 2 games haven't played. Instead we played Dance Central while the others enjoy Beer pong. :) 
Where's the group shot? I forgot who took it. -__-

Photos from Myla Cadag and Ally Poyaoan.

Throwback 2012

I already have written an entry on my actual diary a look back on my 2012. A few of its content I have posted on this blog also. Now, I thought of, okay, succumbing to write an online part of it. Or maybe, a trip to memory lane again. Come join me, as I take a look back on my 2012.

18th birthday celebrations I have been part of to wish for the debutante.

Internship at One Mega Group
Strata 100, With the receptionist, Ms. Fiona, Security Guard
How lucky and grateful am I to be part, a Human Resource intern, of one of the most prestigious publishing company in the Philippines. To Ms. Fiona, who contacted, interviewed, and hired me, a thank you very much. Also to my co-interns I've met, Pat and Vanessa. And to the rest of the HR team, Ms. Cindy, Ms. Jonah, and HR Director, Ms. Connie.

And other spontaneous and graces trips in between. (in random order)
YFC Household (when I was still a cluster head)
The Mistress with Keico and sib and friend, Wella.
UGNAYAN: Ateneo - La Salle Summit 2012 (January)
Being caught asleep.
Reading during Holy Week.
Kuya Gerber's  birthday.
My first godson's baptism.
Reunited with some college friends.
Field trip!
Modelling for Pepe Jeans during the Frosh Welcoming.
I also have my downs, I have my heartbreak. My failures in my academic duties. But that did not stop me because I strive to rise on those situations. I still live the life I wanted to be, go on, and be happy. Just like the famous saying today, "Keep calm and carry on."

That's it for my 2012.

Like A Kid (Repost)

Wow! My first entry for 2013 but the post is not really mine. I reposted it from my blockmate's blog,, entitled Like A Kid. The author of this post must I say is very intellectual, I like the way she puts up her blog. Let's move on and know, what love is - like a kid.
You know when kids are not allowed to go out and play without the proper gear? Without a helmet when they go biking, pads when they go skating, or any repellant applied on their skin to prevent mosquito bites when going out.

That should be you. On the battlefield of love, never go out exposed.

Think about this, every single time you go out there to risk anything in the name of love, you’re the child who gets scolded for going out naked. You’re exposed for everyone to satisfy their need for pain infliction.

At this time and age, the only thing you can do to be “unexposed” is to expect things to happen. Expect that people will come and go; some will make you happy, and leave like it’s just a rule of life. Expecting isn’t necessarily bad, not anymore. Some things are bound to happen… And I mean just happen, but not actually last the way we want them to.

In many cases, although we know that we’ve prepared ourselves for that moment when someone exits our lives, we forget all the prepping up, the moment we realize how much it was all too real. When we realize how badly we wanted it to last, how badly we didn’t want to think about the future of them leaving us. You can never be too prepared for something — true, especially when it comes to love.

But no kid wants to experience the world fully-guarded. Kids do it without any worries. Without wondering if they’ll get hurt. They just do it.

That’s the thing about it, pain never leaves our side even if we push it away, it just doesn’t go away until we learn from it. It’s part of a larger cycle that makind created.

Like a kid, we should experience the world with no worries. Like a kid, we should know how to be happy with just the trip, and not just the destination. From the travel itself, we take a lot of experiences and memories already. Like a kid, we should learn to accept the fact that no one really knows what lies ahead so we appreciate and treasure the littlest of things.

Live freely. Get hurt. Stand up. Live again. Everyone goes through it. You’re not alone.
(December 27, 2012) 
Thank you Era, for letting me post your entry.