Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year behind

1. Intake all the pain, let it out, you will be free.
2. When things are broken either you leave as it is or take the damage and fix it - but it will never be the same again.
3. NEVER REGRET a thing, effort you have done to save what is there but has not - you did a great favor of yourself for that.
4. Losing is hard, it might take a few months up to a year or more to recover but do not let yourself down.
5. A one night/day of eventful situation could be a start of a happy ever after or a temporary happiness you will never forget.
6. Children ask a lot of Why's. 
In my two weeks of being with my nieces and nephew, one question will follow up a lot of why's. For us young adults, we could use that in every decision we make.
7. Always get in touch with your friends! You'd never know what a good surprise you and he/she will be in.
8. Keep a journal/diary. When you go back to the pages of dreams and lessons, you will see that you have achieved more and you are off to greater things.
9. In relationships, it takes a lot of figuring things, communication, and effort to grow. Everyday, every moment is growing up with your significant other. Learn from them every time. Tell them your dreams, what hurts you, say I love you in a random way that will cling to their ears, heart and soul.
10. Love yourself. Take a risk and adventure!
11. If there is no more things you can ask, just be always grateful to the one above. 

Thank you 2013. 
Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


"Change is the only permanent thing in the world."

Sunrise. Sunset. Cornerstone. Skyscraper. Young. Old. Classic. Modern.
The earth evolves. Every 4 years a day is added on the calendar. South. North.
You. Me.

Yes! Albeit of the fact that some things may be repetitive, the sky does not always show the same orange-y and blue/purplish of twilight and dawn. A stone becomes a massive structure built for people's use. Our once smooth skin wrinkles. Melodious harmonies turned mixed arrangements. Heat increases and decreases. The four seasons. Our memory.

And a good memory, like the photo that captures a moment in time, becomes a good stronghold of the past. That our memory does not change a bit of what it has encapsulated of the wondrous and grief-stricken events in our life. It can bring us a good laugh and hurting tummy, or heartbreaking that it felt the outburst of emotions has begun all over again.

Then it subsides. How we have been fond of that memory becomes a treasure, sanctuary, your hidden  secret that no one will now. Every now and then, you visit that one moment and a few ones. Remembering how it affected you - your personality, decisions- your life.

You are now good as new again.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthday Song

And HBD is the new happy birthday song. Hay, social media. HAHAHA!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The girl that was, that is, that will

She is a lady, a fighter, and a friend.

I cannot remember our first conversation. I do not know if we have been seat mates or somehow during our orientation in the university. Do you remember, can you recount? It has been four years since. As every people change, I have witness her change as well- from her hairstyle, clothing, and making and keeping her friends. I am glad, and more than, that I am one of her friends that she chose to keep (yes, in a baul. Haha, kidding) and hopefully for the rest of her life, to be there as we journey in our lives. So hold your horses, and accompany me, your blogger, as I introduce and make a trip down to memory lane, my dear guest, a beloved, humdinger girl friend from college.

Way back, nene. Yes, college nenes. High schooler look. One of our very first photos together I think. Frosh days! We even hung out in Robinson's Ermita a number of times, you waiting for someone on your way back home (My grammar please. Haha dumb english, di ko alam kung tama yung hang-out. MagFilipino nalang kaya ako?).

Tell me. She knows how to carry herself, her style, her body. She knows how to party!! Look!! There is so much happiness in the photo. 

Oh. She is a dancer, btw. Like her katawan is malambot. Sway hips there, sway here. She posed pa with our friend, Wella. This was during our frosh convocation where each block have to reenact a scene from a film/ theater play/musical, that was the theme. She was one of the performers in our block.

You see the only guy in the photo above, obviously. Well, I cannot remember his name. Do you? I only remember that a few in our block have a crush on him or the other story. Hmmm. Remember?

Yes friends. She looks like what? 

With the gang, and Keico, her bestfriend.

The photo above, holding an umbrella, was taken before the football field is now a Henry Sy Bldg.
And a few more frosh days photos before we move on to this caterpillar.
During Pump Up The Animo training. Training only.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Instagram Video

Sweetness ovurlawd! 

Michael Pagulayan,

Any violent reaction?

Your love,

Follow me on instagram or like the vid: @mariebiskwet


During August, the time in between two habagat, our internet connection went corrupt and since then we have no internet connection at home except that Ipad mini device with LTE that my tita owns. And there is where I get connection, every evening. Until now, I do not know if our broad band will ever be reconnected. Payment dues, I know.

This is the longest my blog has been on a hiatus. More than a month. Usually, even small events I would share. Everything changes. I will leave it to my planner what happened last September. Sure, I would still share mini fun events on my blog, what I did, and embarrassing ones. I guess, I want to write more thoughts that are filtered and will be a word of wisdom/advice to you.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Everyone's a fan of their own tweets. So I might just do this every time. And post my unwanted thoughts here.

Unboxing the chocolates

Now, I'm quite sure everyone is familiar with these chocolates just like Hany vs Chocnut. 
The manufacturers differ but not with these two. Both are by Ricoa's.


What's the fun?
My thesis mate and I, decided to buy these two chocolates out of curiosity located at the counter of Mini Stop. So we did. And analyze the difference. Not so professional review here. 

1.) They have different packaging.

2.) In terms of the color, at some point they may have the same but Curly Tops is much darker than Flat Tops

3.) Taste: Curly tops much sweeter than Flat tops.

Any more comments? Feel free to add. Teehee

Friday, August 16, 2013

Always ♫

Oops! I'm sure the first thing that came in your mind was Bon Jovi. Well, speaking that it's love song in rock - power ballad (I did the wiki), is a good point. But there's also this one song entitled 'Always' by Atlantic Starr. This one is R&B, pop. Those two could be your love song!

Now, why am I suddenly talking of this 'Always'. Gush! Because of commuting. When I commute, UV express are on random radio stations, and recently this song stuck on my head, the latter. I knew of the song, and it's one of the most sung song on karaoke/videoke in duet version. Now I wanted to sing this song in the karaoke.

I apologize for the lyric video of Bon Jovi's Always. Since Vevo has the official video it can't be played on my site so I have to look for an alternative. Here's the link for Bon Jovi's Always and Always (Alternate Version).

And do you remember Harry Potter, 'Always'. ;)

Just came in, because of my friend's tweet: "@mariebiskwet: eto ba yung always I wanna be with you?"
Lol. That comment made me laugh because that's also in my head but I didn't associate it. It's just that tune. Didn't know that it's entitled 'Always' also. Now I know.

You know that unicorn game (Robot Unicorn Attack) where this is the theme song?

Sure ako, hahanapin niyo na yung laro online pagkatapos. :) (I'm sure you'll look for the game's online version.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hippie happy

First stop, Raid My Closet's (Arnie Villanueva) Meet and Greet. For her 2nd blog anniversary! 
The experience before this event was the hard rain and my lost wallet. I just hope my wallet find its way back to me. Gahhh! Had my school ID on it.

Second stop: 
Surprise birthday celebration at Uncle Cheffy, Greenfield District.
Waddup to hipster-nerdy?
Round eyeglasses.
Hi hi hipster!! \m/
The bibo and the mad hippie. ☑
From Saturday pizza nights, YFC bondings, random hangouts, etc. Glad to see these people again.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Idle Sketches

Right photo: Complicated
Left photo: One striped back
The right photo seemed wrong because there is no breast support on the side. But if the design is doable, why not.
Since I saw the discrepancy of my design, I changed the sketch of the backside.
This sketches were made about a year ago. Myself being idle during class hours.
I am sure anyone of us has that eye for sketching or once it was their hobby. Some of us would want to attain that hyphenated names, e.g. Juan Dela Cruz, producer-actor-director-philanthropist-etc. There's nothing wrong with that. We can attain those if we pursue our dreams and people in belonging to that dream.

If there are any entrepreneurs who are into swimwear industry and interested in my design, I will be more than willing to present the sketches to you. Drop me an email at mariedanicia(@)yahoo(.)com.

Feel free to post your comments below.

Political yearning

Back during my high school and elementary days, I don't have political ambition but I always run in position. Whatever you may call that, maybe. There was a time in elementary when I ran for auditor and there was a tie. I became an assistant instead. On my first year of high school, I only applied as a volunteer for the Student Advisory Board. Come second year, I filed a candidacy for level representative. I lost with few points only from my opponent. A point I lost from my fellow classmate, but I did not blame that person. I may not be the level representative but I am our class president. No lost.

I continued my academics as an honor student till third year high school. I could not remember if I ran as level representative again or vice president that time. Whatever I applied of the two positions, I lost on vote count. Nevertheless, do I have the will for politics then? Come fourth year, my biggest leap, I filed a candidacy for president, school-wide responsibility.

Yes, I have guts that big. What led me to? Well, all during my high school, I have only one opponent. One of the brightest too in the next section. He's persistent, I'm one tough girl. That time of application, no one else I knew from my batch or others would like to run even if I myself remembered that I persuaded some. I stood up, made my own party and looked for my vice president, which is my very krung-krung girl friend (see photo below, left side).
We campaigned, had meeting de avance, and voted. Again, I lost. I still became part of the student council as a volunteer. I still excelled on my academics but no more special awards except for that Best in Health. I belonged to the Top 10 of our batch though. Not bad.

After those, I continued to just be a student and applied for office positions in the organization. Do I say I have no political ambition after being lost for less than a countless times or did I do it just for the sake of trying, or for the so-called 'trophy' terms. I did those to prove myself of my abilities and capabilities as a leader. I remained silent on my campus stay. I did not become active on joining a political party to hone more of my leadership skills. I, instead, applied for office positions on student organization and the University Student Government. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Train away

"As the train passes, so thus my thoughts speeds away from me."

In a different view, it is not I that paces quickly to catch the next train and load off the last batch of passengers from the north. Instead of dragging my feet and making my way sandwiched to the crowd, I took time to line up, in a usual behavior, because some is running late/out-of-tine to their next destination/appointment. As I swipe my card entering the train station, I brisked in a normal way, not too fast, not too slow. Enough for other people to align with me, take over the line I'm passing, or follow behind me.

My mind wandered as took a step down the stairs. On I looked for a bench I could sit. There is still lots of time. I will just sit for a while and watch the passengers alight the train, run to the stairs as they inched the swiping machine or pave their way in the train to find a comfortable seat, a hand rail or pole if they will stand, or a back support, somewhere where other passengers would not disturb their business by passing through them while alighting to the next stations.

Anyway, I rode the third train. I sat for not too long as I planned myself to be. There are times I just hated waiting. I alighted on my stop. I know there are only more or less 90 minutes when you swipe your card that you could stay in a station/train ride before the card will be invalidated if you do not exit a station for the time allotted within. There, as I said, I stepped of the train. I sat again for some minutes on a yellow bench. I took out my notebook and pen, and wrote.

The cold gushing air whispers on my ears and tiny droplets lands off my skin. A rain will come. I remained seated for a while, maximizing the time allotted for my card. Minutes passed, I exit the station. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Have you heard?

"When you shrug at the thought, "This time, last year." Enlightens you and continue today."

"A whole I give, not a portion."

"Maybe what's wrong is not asking but if I ask won't it sound demanding? Little things do me happy. I want to be understood, no side comments"

"I would rather know but I do not want to remember what hurts."

"I've realized I love knowing the details. At times I persuade to know, other times it will just come, some times I let it go."

A bunch of quotes. Those were my thoughts which I posted on my twitter account, @mariebiskwet.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Do you remember my Batangas getaway, if not check it HERE. All the time I was there with a new friend, we were shooting BJ's short film. Here's the trailer.

I remembered, we started shooting first for the market scenes, we have a camera and people were looking, especially to me, asking, "May shooting?" Eh I was kind of in a natural make-up, maganda (parang artista). People were astounded by my beauty. Chos! Kidding!

And after almost 2 months. The short film is up. Comment your reactions or tweet me @mariebiskwet, @TheBukoJoe. Thank you!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Giving Up

I'm sure everyone of us has their favorite verse on every song they knew or absorbed whenever the emotional self is alive and kicking. At times I may go to the famous, there are also times I dig deeper to less seen lyrics.
I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stake
Giving up, mostly, is associated in a relationship. "Until when will you be dumb to realize that the other does not love you anymore and you are still messing with your life when in fact you should be having your happier self back?" is the most common question. Would you give up that small instance, that you two had a small fight? Would you give up easily, you will not even try again to see if the heart had softened already?

Are you the kind of person who gives up without knowing the reasons why, not even hearing the person out? So many famous quotations and principles presents itself when we are on these intense ramification and battling of our emotions, choosing the hardest, simplest. Still, it boils down on you. The last laugh is on to you.

Before anything else, try to calm yourself down. Think about it. Admit that you have done some mistake and so does the other. On these circumstance, if the other is so hard-headed and all angry, relax. Don't let the two of you become thunder and volcano. Well, you can, if after you are the sweetest couple, friends, again. Again, stay calm. Some things may be better left unsaid. Choose your reasons, and words carefully. We don't want another battle here again. Sort. And compromise. After all the admittance, I bet so sure, that you learned something from each other.

Every feeling of giving up gives another reason for chances, to rebuild, to retain, to love more, trust more, and believe more. That is the positive side. In every argument or fight, one has been to, don't give up. Don't give up on the person. On these occasion, you can see what your partner is going through. In the most vulnerable state of the most not understanding situation, we let our guards down that what we only wanted is to cry and be the weak person beside the one we love.

A bit of silence with your presence (and understanding even though you are bombarded why he/she does not talk to you for awhile) is what one could ask for. Hold hands. Hug. Kiss. The person will come to its being again, alive and loving you.

Monday, June 24, 2013

"We're different persons to different friends"

We all have selected friends. Those we call childhood friends, elementary, high school, & college friends. True friends, best friends, close friends, etc. We label friendships as such, depending on how you perceive and see your friend as one. The closest, and given most importance, is the term BEST FRIEND. You may have many or one, or ONLY ONE in spite your other best friends.

Selected friends. Though we may have many, as per the verse Matthew 22:14 says, "Many are called, but few are chosen." Those many are acquaintances whom you've met once or twice and befriended on your social sites, and the few are your friends on call, no matter what, whatever it is. We may serve different roles for our friends. Even to our best friend, but one thing, you share the same bond, though you have different paths, careers, sets of friends on your different worlds. As long as you never forget how to be one. You remain the same person as you are, just changing perspectives.

Below, is a newspaper clip I found on my tita's drawer. (You can give me the best kalkalera award. Kidding!) Read along, and find out how we are friends to different persons.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How many times do you cry in a year

I do not know how this will turn out. But I guess my feeling would help because I 'm a tad bit on the low. This is unusual to me. Maybe it's adjustment, coping, oh I still don't get how I will rationalize the situation I'm with. But anyway, let's get it on.

How many times do you cry in a year?

Yes, in a a year. I don't count mine though, but I reckon in the past year I shed a lot of tears. I've never been that low in my life.
When do I usually feel blue?

  •  Every late December - January. Funny no? Because the year comes to an end, so thus my feelings. All the blame goes to me. The time where I break rules at most, like the time I would have gone home but still outside, and a lot more I couldn't think of anymore, because it's a break from school. "Wala namang pasok e. Di pa rin pwede lumabas?" Time where I wouldn't sleep and just cry. They trigger my emotion. Then I would rearrange the room with ineffable frustration, asking WHY THE HELL AM I CRYING. I would be okay, but in the morning and the days to follow, I feel out. I won't talk. Besides we don't usually have conversations. I do the same things, house chores, and stay in the room. 
  • MY birthday. I give myself birthday blues every time. I plan how I would want my birthday to be celebrated months/days before, 'expect' is the word then. I don't throw a party. Never in my life. Maybe, except for one. Small celebration with my high school batch and few teachers during our third year. I almost always ditch my birthDAY. When the morning come, and I wake up, tears would come down. Because it would be like any ordinary day. I like to think like that. No extras for myself. No extra allowance, nothing new. I don't even want a birthday cake. Of course, they will remember so they'll cook spaghetti or pancit, and greet me. I appreciate it. I don't know what I want. Maybe an intimate celebration where everyone is happy and all smiles. I do not get any of it though. So I sulk during my day. A sad lonely girl.
Would you think I only cry twice a year? Maybe. Those will be counted my major breakdown. I do cry when I reminisce, when I'm feeling low of the uncertain, some prophetic message to come after, when I watch a movie/teleserve/series and the feels. 

This is lengthy. Have I made myself clear? Did I bring the message I want to share? I'm out of vocabs. Huhu

Well, if it isn't clear.

We cry because we love. We cry because we need to let go, we need to air out, and we need to move on. We cry because we need to be anew. We cry to excrete whatever it is that need to excreted on our tear duct. We cry because we are hurt. We cry because we are very happy. We cry for uncertain, certain, wanted, and wanted reasons.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Too long

I owe this blog a lot of stories already. A month of nothing? No post, even short stories. Wow. I used to share a lot even the tiniest, corniest, nonsensical detail of my life. Scratch priorities. I have lots of time. But as what I usually tell myself and few friends when I want to write but I couldn't type or even write with pen, "My mind wanders," "My thoughts aren't collected yet." My thoughts don't come off easily, it follows up. Oh, I write with my mind btw. If only it has a memory card or USB cable then I would have posted a lot already.

Uneventful situations. Hugging. Crying. Friends in rescue. Laughs. Bonding. And a lot more of the roller coaster ride I've been. I shall make a hearty post again.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Who do you talk to when you have no one to talk to?

We've all had the drama within ourselves, the scenarios playing on our mind whether it happened or we need to exaggerate and extract the emotions that our inner self is not capable anymore to handle thus it needs to explode - like a bomb.

Bearing all the reasons, weighing the pros and cons, justifying your rights and wrong (and maybe his, too) of the uneventful situation, who is the most right between the two of you? Even though you think you have had all the right answers, it just does not feel right.

It is not pride anymore that lurks. It is more than something. More than the security, protection that you give. More than the love and inspiration that that person gives you. It is selfishness.

Selfishness in the sense that when you heard the person's name or one wrong that sparked the arduous argument, that is where you only rely. That is the only thing you could throw. The laborious explanation and justification will not be heard. Just hearing that person's name or one wrong irritates you, so the other person just sulks in the corner and mums.

Do not talk to me. Not yet. Not because I do not want you to talk to me. But because I do not want you to be irrational of your decision. Take your time, all the time that you need. Trust me. Trust me because you believe in everything that I do.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

First month

Parang ang tagal na. Chos! 
"While I'm watching UnOfficially Yours, a car stopped by our house and it felt that I'm the person they are looking for. My aunt whose just on the neighborhood stepped out and was the one who talked to them, she went in our house and gave me a package. Ahh yes I know. But on my initial thoughts, there aren't any packages due yet on my past winnings which I haven't received yet though. I took out what's on the small black bag, and there staring at me are blue flats. Then I read the note saying it's from MORENONG PAGU. I rushed out of our house to ask who delivered it but my aunt doesn't know and so do I.
And with the help of my high school besties he did it. Wtf! Days before he called our house via telephone, then I got a package on our house address, eh he didn't even know our complete address. So much for my friends! Hahaha They're the best, Cheska and Nica, thank you!! 
Moving on, after about 2-3 hours, he tweeted:
And there he was really. Kain niya, dala niya. I rewatched UnOfficially Yours with him."
That sums up the first month! So much for surprises, dun sa flats pa lang muntikan na ako maiyak.
It doesn't have to be full bloomed bouquet of flowers and a bunch of chocolates. It's the simple things out of the ordinary what a man can do. And instead of giving flowers and signature chocolates, as what a usual date would be, he had a shoe package delivered at our house, his alibis, a box of family size pizza and his self surprising me at our gate (it comes before the doorstep).

Sunday, May 5, 2013


So you've seen the teaser HERE.
My very first Batangas short trip here.
Now a summary of my short vacation in Batangas.

I won't be hiding the details anymore because the teaser has been launched already. Yes, if you've watched it already (Hele Teaser) I'm cast as one of the characters. I've been long informed but the shooting date wasn't. Here I go again with my spontaneous self. BJ texted me the night before and have read it midnight if I'll be available the next day till May 1. That was the night of the 25th. And on the 26th I texted my guardian that I'll be away for a couple of days and be back on May. And I embarked on a week of vacation in Batangas.

*Photos in random order
Batangas Exit
Lunch on our first day! Yum for seafood!
Outfit for the film.
Random musings, props for the film.
Puto for merienda with the kids.
While they were being prepped for their scenes.
Maemae drawing a birthday scene.
Brazo de Mercedes, the cake ala pobre we used for the film.
 On our third night, we went to Candelaria, Quezon to eat some crispy pata and satisfy BJ's craving.

The family in Hele.
My makeup.
On the second night we went to their place by the sea, slept over and had breakfast.

And our last breakfast before we went back to Manila.

Truths of Life

"Honesty is about the scars. It’s about the blemishes. But it’s more than just bragging about failure, which could be a form of ego. It’s about truly helping people." 
"Life is a series of failures punctuated by brief successes. That’s honesty. Failure is not necessarily bad. It’s reality." 
"Lying about things which require no lying whatsoever." 
"Go forth and get drunk, and don’t feel the need to apologize to anyone for doing you." 
"It is possible to love someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s not a full love, it doesn’t have a whole lot of depth, but it’s still there" 
" It’s a beautiful moment when you realize you are someone who’s worth loving." 
"You can’t force yourself to love someone. If it’s not there, it’s not going to happen. Ever." 
"If you are still in pain, it’s no one’s place to tell you to get over it." 
"You should always expect to be loved, you should always expect to find somebody to love. Then you’re denying yourself what you deserve."
Or you can visit my twitter https://twitter.com/mariebiskwet.
Those weren't my quotes, I quoted it from http://thoughtcatalog.com/'s essays. It is such a lovely read. It's my past time. You should discover it too. It's fancy, informative, and fun. 

May the Fourth

Oh girls! :) Kami lang. Girl power! 
The bullies! 
Group photo! 
Look who just came, sosyal db. May mga kotse!
Maverick and Marie ❤ (Charaught lang)

What do people say, "Kapag biglaan, doon nagsisipuntahan." And this would always be somewhat 75% true to our high school section/barkada. Another round of spontaneous night with my best high school buddies. Assembled at Moonleaf Tea Shop Dahlia, Shawarma at Lagro with Mavs, Myla, Ally, Nica, then soup and chill time at Ally's crib. Indeed full of laughs! I was high just by laughing.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When facebook groups have been invented a lot has used the application for varied purposes. For my part, per course group, organizations, per group course output, friend groups, and so on and forth. So after the academic year, I left some groups.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Third year. Supposedly the year I will have finished my college undergraduate degree. But damn no! Why, graduate third year college? Because our university is following a trimester calendar wherein a normal 4-year course/degree can be shortened to 3 years. It depends on your course too, some still stays on track, like accountancy and engineering courses, 5 years. And some 4. And it also depends on your being active to organizations that you have to under load units or you really are a happy-go-lucky person that doesn't mind graduating early, and/or make sabay graduate with your high school batch mates who mostly follows a semester academic calendar year. I guess, I belong to the third category.

It's not like I don't care. There are some things that affected me. That affected my outputs to my academic  duties. I was heavily burdened by my emotions. I even neglected some of my organizational duties, not ignored. I still tried to make ends meet though and submit reports. So going back, emotions. Well, there's this one subject, that oh, I will repeat for the third time this incoming academic school year. Yes, I will be an incoming 4th year college student. I don't blame anyone. And for that subject, I think I am really not ready to  face it, I tried. But nothing's coming out. My thought, "I'm still young, I can do the other subjects but my mind is really not ready for this", that kind of work doesn't really motivates me, it even gave me sickness when I took it first time. Well, the second, maybe I screwed up, and still wasn't ready. And yes, while I believe in strikes of 3, also taking it for the third time, I will be taking it seriously. NOW! What the hell, I wouldn't want to endure another term. Oh how Lasallians, view their life while all their friends have graduated already. It seems like they are really crapped out of school, nagsawa na when they've no closest friends during classes. But that's not my reason, so okay! I may have failed a few subjects, and I don't want to waste another thousands of not my own financial capacity. I owe it to my guardian who supports my education. 

Fourth year. See you in a month! I look forward to a more inspired and productive Marie Danicia B. Castro.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do the baby talk

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hurt is the drive that pushes a person to move on, accept, go back, and bellow his emotions over time, over again, until... it can't be done

slash the last line


Acceptance that really accepts.
Acceptance but doesn't forgets. 
There is also acceptance by revenge. 
What side are you on?

Oh sometime soon, this short wisdom from mine hopefully I'm able to elaborate more. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The rides

So my Enchanted Kingdom post isn't done yet!!! I still have to blog about the rides!! This is long overdue. But when we entered EK, we had all the extreme and wet rides first before we go back to maybe an extreme ride and lilo. 

☑ Anchors away. Repeat 4x with Aedrian
☑ Jungle Log Jam 
☑ Space Shuttle 
☑ Rio Grande Rapids
☑ Flying Fiesta 
☑ Disc-o-magic 
☑ Carousel 
☑ Ekstreme 
☑ Wheel of Fate
+ Bump car

We are all staring at these ride, right side when you enter EK! EKstreme our last ride.

This is our first. We were laughing at ourselves throughout the ride. Look how happy we were. Just look at our faces!