Saturday, December 1, 2012


Note: This is part of our speech subj.

What a pleasant day it is to stand here before you all. To our dedicated school director, Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo, our zealous principal, Dr. Carina G. Dacanay, our hardworking assistant principal, Ms. Brenda Roldan, our persuasive teachers, our reliable friends and our supporting parents, good afternoon. Here today to celebrate one of the greatest achievements in our life.

It may have been always tiring and overwhelming everyday of the week when we went to school. The hassles we had to go through in meeting the deadlines of our projects, the stress we feel when we were overloaded with assignments and the excitement that fills our heart whenever we collaborated with the other sections. We still have a lot of memories to share.

Upon entering this institution, I am very assured that the faculty members here will bring out the best in the students. I was a new student then, I had to adjust to the new environment and rules, and however, several times I have been recognized to present our class and batch in friendly inter-school competitions. As I’ve said, they brought out the best in each of the student. It’s not only me whose skill have been developed but a lot of us.

Oh, co-graduates! Aren’t we proud to see ourselves dressed in white toga and about to receive our diploma? Our parents are indeed happy for in spite of their hardships, today they’ll be reaping the fruitful outcome. Graduation is the most awaited moment that everyone has been looking forward to. It is a proof that we have achieved something and that we are stepping a milestone higher. Now, we’re ending our high school but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back. It’s through reminiscing memories not the other way around you think about. Going back, this event introduces us to a new world. Higher degree of studies is what we need for a better future. If I have the power to look at our future, I would have foreseen another element of success.

At this point, somebody would have asked, “How will someone be successful without anyone that they should recognize?” And I would have answered, “It is by reminiscing those memories that you’ve worked hard for and the people who had helped you to step up higher and achieve your dreams. Many times we have failed. Many times we have gotten up and learn from our mistakes. We have endured almost all the trials of sleepless nights and working days. How we are grateful that we have treasures to keep.

Without our mentors, we won’t be reaching this position now. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the people who have been part of our continuous journey. To our school director, Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo and our principal Dr. Carina G. Dacanay, who make possible programs and progress that advance our educational system, to our asst. principal, Ms. Brenda Roldan, who pursues to give students real lessons in life, to our adviser, Sir Anthony Juan Rapisura, who provides us God’s word and inspires to become real children of God, and to our dear teachers, school staff, who embrace us in times of our need, understands our adjustment and provides us life’s lesson, thank you! You have been exemplary individuals and the lessons we got from you will always be tattooed in our hearts. To my friends who are always there through good and bad, all the decisions we’ve made, the parts and characters we’ve played in each others lives will never be forgotten. I hope that we’ll see each other soon and become better persons.

For all that we will face through, may we always call God and never fail to ask for his guidance, that we may always be thankful to him. Thank you GoodShepherd Cathedral School, for once in my life you mold me in what I am now. Thank you and good afternoon.

And a year from now, I'll be graduating from college. How time flies by so fast.