Saturday, December 1, 2012

HIGH SCHOOL 2006-2010

This blog will certainly be wriiten informally. What comes on my mind randomly and also the events are not in chronological order.


Definitely, high school life as everbody says the best part of their lives. Why? Because there you'll experience a lot of hope, pain, joy, intrigues, sorrow, obsession, possession and love.

Now, as a senior high school student, we're on another journey of our lives. Graduation will come nearer. We can't depend anymore, everyday and always to our high school friends. We're to step another stair higher. :)

Ah! Magtagalog na nga lang. Nakakaloko na mag-English but I'll still practice writing in English in my blogs. Just this once. When I got it right, I'll translate the Filipino ones. High school, o, high school. Parang kailan lang First year kami. Ngayon, magfiFirst year ulit kami. COLLEGE nga lang. Anyway, kapag First Year ka naman, sasabihin mo, "Matagal pa bago tayo grumaduate." E, ano ba talaga?

Ngayon, magdadrama-drama ang lahat. "Ang bilis nalang 'pag Fourth Year." "Balik lessons lang ang Fourth Year." "Ang nagpahirap lang sa atin, yung Feasibility." "Mamimiss ko kayong lahat." "Di ko na 'to makalilimutan." "Last year natin 'to, ayusin na lahat ng misunderstandings. Magbati na ang dapat magbati. Let's make the most out of it."

Definition of High School Years:

First Year- Adjusment Period

Second Year- Acquiantance/GTK Period

Third Year- Building-up Friendship/Close

Fourth Year- Labasan na ng totoong ugali 'yan.

Ngayon, nakita niyo na pagkakaiba. Kaya kahit ano mang sabihin mo, may MABUBUO at MASISIRA pagdating sa huling taon niyo. And for the sake ng mga pinagsamahan niyo, aayusin niyo yan kasi LAST na 'to. Minsan nalang darating ang pagkakataon na magkabonding at magkita kayo. Aabutin ulit ng 4 na taon pa bago maikwento ang lahat ng nangyari sa buhay niyo.

Mahirap magpaalam sa kaibigan, guro at school kung saan nabuo ang samahan. Ang matibay na pundasyon ng klase kung saan kayo nagkakilakilala. Ngayon pa lang, marami na akong gustong banggitin kung gaano kasaya at kung gaano ko mamimiss ang high school.

My thoughts of being a graduating high school student cannot be expressed all in words nor written. I'm trying my best now to write it up because it is about the best of memories I have to keep and will suddenly pop on my mind.

I was in the graduation of my cousin last March 31, 2010 and I felt emotional when they were singing the song dedicated for their parents. There was also a slideshow read while singing that made the audience more nauseated. I began to think then of our upcoming graduation and how will it be like. Elementary graduation is a lot different from high school.

When we were on our way to SMF after the program, I was thinking a lot of memories. I want to write it, to blog about it. But it is hard to do so for it needs a lot of time reminiscing and it won't be good bragging those little moments that some people don't know so I might keep some for myself.

What would I miss? See! I already forgot. Oh, the days when I came home late for no reason at all, it might be because

-I was learning how to bike at VH
-watching movies and reading mags at Mario's
-computering at Monica's
-feasibility at Cherish's, SCB former SAB at school- the calendar of events made by SCB itself, fund raising shows[Mr. and Ms. GSCS '07, Teacher's Day '07-'09, Battle of the Bands '07-'09 and a lot more]
- sitting at the stairs during dismissal(when were 1st Yr-2nd Yr HS)
- suddenly softens voice when a teacher pass by the classroom
- canteen days(milo and breakfast)
- being absent for one day the whole school year missing the perfect attendance goal
- walking after school
- running in the rain when were in first year(Nica, Ally, Angela and Me)
- some kid gave me a flying kiss while riding on the jeep and I'm eating ice cream
- treating someone ice cream
- tambay at ministop
- quiz bee with T. Dorz
- Geodetics Quiz Bee 10th place with T. Lud
- journeying the alleys of BIR with Maverick
- buying baked product at the bakery of BIR
- singing at karaoke rooms
- Mcdo with Jam, Ghio and Jarwyn
- Surprise and birthday parties of classmates and friends at Mcdo
- making funny jokes/knock knock/gestures
- stuttering all of a sudden
- cramming days
- nomnom with friends
- asaran/barahan
- galitan
- bullying
- gossiping
- bitterness
- coldness
and lots.