Saturday, December 1, 2012

FIFTH MOUNTAIN by Paulo Coelho

Quotes from the book of Paulo Coelho, Fifth Mountain. I like the wisdom, the message it want to share with the readers. Hope more to come.

ELIJAH: There are moments when tribulations occur in our lives, and we cannot avoid them. They ate there for some reason.

PRIEST: What reason?

ELIJAH: That is a question we CANNOT answer before, or even during the trials. ONLY WHEN WE HAVE OVERCOME T...HEM WE DO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE THERE.

-- FIFTH MOUNTAIN; Paulo Coelho

So Truee! Ganyan muna palagi signs tapos iiyak ako. Ska ko palang mlalaman yung reason. Sobra! Mhirap 'to. Magtatanong sila pero dmo masagot kung bakit ka umiyak. :(((((((

But when we DELAY resolving problems, they CONTINUE to grow. -- Fifth Mountain

The best warrior is the one who succeeds transforming an ENEMY to a FRIEND. -- Fifth Mountain