Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windmills and Rainforest

Dress: OASAP

Ah! You got caught by my title! In anyway, it has a relation to my post because that's where the debut celebration I went to was held about a week ago. Look! I am standing beside the Christmas tree! A Christmas shot! If you are reading other blogger's sites, I styled myself ala Vern Enciso. How? The pearl necklaces, plus it's a combination of blue's also. I also wear the same look during my birthday except for the shoes.

"You're a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy."

Photos ©Myla Cadag

Photoshoot before the celebration started! I look like a bruha eh? Thick haired but I look fine. Do I?

And what is party without a photobooth? 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas at the Tutti's

Christmas morning with Kelle and King. 

Gifts from Nica's Mom and Nica :) The blue plastic bag is a troll!

Christmas photo! :)

Playing with Baby Daniella. Nica's newest niece.

For this Christmas, I celebrated Noche Buena with my bestfriend's family. We had chicken galantina, tart, lasagna, bread, cheese. I hope I will get hold of the photos taken so I can share what our Noche Buena looked like. We also lighted sky lantern.

How's you Christmas?
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hey hey! This is our awesome blockmate who represented our class during the PNP camp visit. He beatbox'. I don't know how to phrase that. He's talented, skilled, right? Anyway, he also appeared on the Selecta Cornetto's commercial. Watched the vid below, he's the one arranging the headphones, not the cashier eh. Larson Smit, girls and boys! :)


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas


If you have read my previous posts, then you would know that we had a field trip at the AFP and PNP. On the latter, the PNP has prepared a program and asked our class, a representative, to present a special number. Albert Gomez, a former classmate - from our previous majors was also there because we have the same teacher but on a different subjet - sang, no serenaded us of a love song and Christmas song. Ohh the voice! He's the representative of the other class though. Will be posting the representative of our class in a few.

Wheels and twist

What an awkward kind of smile.

I looked like a tourist by the way I stand, very straight. LOL! No blogger pose? Naa, let's see.
Top: Sozie Cozie, Belt: Romwe, Flats: Steve Madden 

And heree, if you read Bianca Gonzales' blog, you will see that in every place she travels she has a tumbling shot. I did this for fun and look at my background!! Vintage military cars, aye!
The top I wore was delivered the night before I used it. I won it from Charlene A. Jose's big blog giveaway. It's sheer and long sleeves, perfect for the heat and some cold air.

More photos on our field trip on my next post. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Close-up shots

My forte in taking photographs, close-up shots! Teehee ♥ Loveyou blockmates!!

If I have my own camera, then I think I will study how to capture perfect close-up shots!
Would you like to have your close up shots taken by yours truly? :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Show some love

Look at my expressions, landi! Kisses!!
And I'm blogging some webcam photos. Well, the recent posts I did. Because those photos showed what I did on the same day. Today, we had a fieldwork on our CHANGES (Change Management) class. We went to AFP and PNP camps, photos will be uploaded!! Okay, so after the seminar from PNP, we went on our blockmate's who resides in Cubao, a couple kilometers away from Crame. And there, we had some awesome experiment the photo apps on her dad's Ipad.


Monday, December 3, 2012


listen to ‘It Might Be You’ on Audioboo
It Might Be You
Magmahal Muli
It's You, It's Me
I'm Yours

Just this once. :) Background noise: Electric fan. Hope you like it! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

True love


"DON'T CLOSE YOUR HEART FOR SOMEONE." Kasi baka yung SOMEONE na yun, siya na yung TRUE LOVE MO!

LAG-LAG instead of LUB-DUB

LUB-DUB. LUB-DUB. Ganyan naman tumibok ang puso. Pero nung narinig ko yung mga salita na iyon. WHAWW! TULALA.Napaisip ako bigla. Kinonek-konek ko yung nalalaman ko. Marami yun. May possibility na siya nga at ganun yung mangyari. Nalaglag bigla puso ko. Kaya LAG-LAG. Di naman ako ganun nasaktan.

Peroo.. Ang lapit din kasi. Ahhhhhh! Hindi siya malabo. Kailangan ko lang siyang isort-out. Though, hindi naman ako umaasa na SANA ako na lang yun. Na ako ngayon. Mahirap din kasi isipin. Marami kaming pwede niyang gawing CHOICES. Yun lang. Isa ka lang dun. Dahil nga, marami pa. Hindi, wala lang to. Wala akong nararamdaman. WALA sa ngayon. Paano kung sa susunod o baka bukas meron na pala? Ayoko lang masaktan. Lahat naman tayo di maiiwasan yan. Basta, I'll just leave all these things to GOD. I'll deal with the NATURE.

From my Multiply.

I found the answer



I found the answer from these questions: Abuse and I love you

Wala nang edit-edit. Comment nalang. :)


May Linya ako para sa inyong dalawa."Bago kita pakawalan gusto kong sabihing mahal kita.Umaasa akong nakikinig ka dahil ito'y totoo.Mamalagi ka sa puso ko at alam kong walang papalit sa iyo. Kaya bago kita pakawalan gusto kong sabihing"...
"I Love You"

07/16/2007 6:13 pm

Welcome. Alam mo naman na special ka sa akin eh...
Kung kailangan mo ako.Mararamdaman ko naman ehh..
pero paghindi ko naramdaman.Tawagin mo lang ang pangalan ko(Isigaw mo ha).Darating ako.Sige. Ingat ka palagi.

FIFTH MOUNTAIN by Paulo Coelho

Quotes from the book of Paulo Coelho, Fifth Mountain. I like the wisdom, the message it want to share with the readers. Hope more to come.

ELIJAH: There are moments when tribulations occur in our lives, and we cannot avoid them. They ate there for some reason.

PRIEST: What reason?

ELIJAH: That is a question we CANNOT answer before, or even during the trials. ONLY WHEN WE HAVE OVERCOME T...HEM WE DO UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE THERE.

-- FIFTH MOUNTAIN; Paulo Coelho

So Truee! Ganyan muna palagi signs tapos iiyak ako. Ska ko palang mlalaman yung reason. Sobra! Mhirap 'to. Magtatanong sila pero dmo masagot kung bakit ka umiyak. :(((((((

But when we DELAY resolving problems, they CONTINUE to grow. -- Fifth Mountain

The best warrior is the one who succeeds transforming an ENEMY to a FRIEND. -- Fifth Mountain

This! Little Things

I know now what the challenge would be. :))

Dare to see the difference of being committed and not.
Of every action each would act and if it would satisfy the romance between them, these will be counted for her to answer.
The unexpected passion and romance will help them grow up and learn lessons of the lovers.

She's not ready to take action on her words, "YES!"

One thing she holds on and believes is when he had done these ONLY great act of being affectionate and sincere, then the answer will be YES!

And it feels I have no intention of editing the blogs I imported from multiply.


Note: This is part of our speech subj.

What a pleasant day it is to stand here before you all. To our dedicated school director, Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo, our zealous principal, Dr. Carina G. Dacanay, our hardworking assistant principal, Ms. Brenda Roldan, our persuasive teachers, our reliable friends and our supporting parents, good afternoon. Here today to celebrate one of the greatest achievements in our life.

It may have been always tiring and overwhelming everyday of the week when we went to school. The hassles we had to go through in meeting the deadlines of our projects, the stress we feel when we were overloaded with assignments and the excitement that fills our heart whenever we collaborated with the other sections. We still have a lot of memories to share.

Upon entering this institution, I am very assured that the faculty members here will bring out the best in the students. I was a new student then, I had to adjust to the new environment and rules, and however, several times I have been recognized to present our class and batch in friendly inter-school competitions. As I’ve said, they brought out the best in each of the student. It’s not only me whose skill have been developed but a lot of us.

Oh, co-graduates! Aren’t we proud to see ourselves dressed in white toga and about to receive our diploma? Our parents are indeed happy for in spite of their hardships, today they’ll be reaping the fruitful outcome. Graduation is the most awaited moment that everyone has been looking forward to. It is a proof that we have achieved something and that we are stepping a milestone higher. Now, we’re ending our high school but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back. It’s through reminiscing memories not the other way around you think about. Going back, this event introduces us to a new world. Higher degree of studies is what we need for a better future. If I have the power to look at our future, I would have foreseen another element of success.

At this point, somebody would have asked, “How will someone be successful without anyone that they should recognize?” And I would have answered, “It is by reminiscing those memories that you’ve worked hard for and the people who had helped you to step up higher and achieve your dreams. Many times we have failed. Many times we have gotten up and learn from our mistakes. We have endured almost all the trials of sleepless nights and working days. How we are grateful that we have treasures to keep.

Without our mentors, we won’t be reaching this position now. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the people who have been part of our continuous journey. To our school director, Rev. Fr. Albert N. Delvo and our principal Dr. Carina G. Dacanay, who make possible programs and progress that advance our educational system, to our asst. principal, Ms. Brenda Roldan, who pursues to give students real lessons in life, to our adviser, Sir Anthony Juan Rapisura, who provides us God’s word and inspires to become real children of God, and to our dear teachers, school staff, who embrace us in times of our need, understands our adjustment and provides us life’s lesson, thank you! You have been exemplary individuals and the lessons we got from you will always be tattooed in our hearts. To my friends who are always there through good and bad, all the decisions we’ve made, the parts and characters we’ve played in each others lives will never be forgotten. I hope that we’ll see each other soon and become better persons.

For all that we will face through, may we always call God and never fail to ask for his guidance, that we may always be thankful to him. Thank you GoodShepherd Cathedral School, for once in my life you mold me in what I am now. Thank you and good afternoon.

And a year from now, I'll be graduating from college. How time flies by so fast. 

HIGH SCHOOL 2006-2010

This blog will certainly be wriiten informally. What comes on my mind randomly and also the events are not in chronological order.


Definitely, high school life as everbody says the best part of their lives. Why? Because there you'll experience a lot of hope, pain, joy, intrigues, sorrow, obsession, possession and love.

Now, as a senior high school student, we're on another journey of our lives. Graduation will come nearer. We can't depend anymore, everyday and always to our high school friends. We're to step another stair higher. :)

Ah! Magtagalog na nga lang. Nakakaloko na mag-English but I'll still practice writing in English in my blogs. Just this once. When I got it right, I'll translate the Filipino ones. High school, o, high school. Parang kailan lang First year kami. Ngayon, magfiFirst year ulit kami. COLLEGE nga lang. Anyway, kapag First Year ka naman, sasabihin mo, "Matagal pa bago tayo grumaduate." E, ano ba talaga?

Ngayon, magdadrama-drama ang lahat. "Ang bilis nalang 'pag Fourth Year." "Balik lessons lang ang Fourth Year." "Ang nagpahirap lang sa atin, yung Feasibility." "Mamimiss ko kayong lahat." "Di ko na 'to makalilimutan." "Last year natin 'to, ayusin na lahat ng misunderstandings. Magbati na ang dapat magbati. Let's make the most out of it."

Definition of High School Years:

First Year- Adjusment Period

Second Year- Acquiantance/GTK Period

Third Year- Building-up Friendship/Close

Fourth Year- Labasan na ng totoong ugali 'yan.

Ngayon, nakita niyo na pagkakaiba. Kaya kahit ano mang sabihin mo, may MABUBUO at MASISIRA pagdating sa huling taon niyo. And for the sake ng mga pinagsamahan niyo, aayusin niyo yan kasi LAST na 'to. Minsan nalang darating ang pagkakataon na magkabonding at magkita kayo. Aabutin ulit ng 4 na taon pa bago maikwento ang lahat ng nangyari sa buhay niyo.

Mahirap magpaalam sa kaibigan, guro at school kung saan nabuo ang samahan. Ang matibay na pundasyon ng klase kung saan kayo nagkakilakilala. Ngayon pa lang, marami na akong gustong banggitin kung gaano kasaya at kung gaano ko mamimiss ang high school.


LPEP stands for LaSallian Personal Effectiveness Program.
We had it for two days, familiarization with the University and knowing our blockmates.

Our LAmb(LaSallian Ambassadors) are Raymund from CLA and Ate Frances from COE.

Okay, so we had our Ice Breaker, House-Pig-Storm because a few block mates of my doesn't understand Tagalog. Then we discussed disciplinary matters and academic concerns. OG! Baller ang prize but we lose kasi TieBreaker yung pinaglalaban di na kami nakapagdefend.
The highest and most acquired offense, Cheating and Plagiarism.

KUNG CLA is THE BEST COLLEGE. ONE OF THE MOST PASAWAY din ito. :)) For eating policy, temporary ID. sa eating kasi 10 mins lang ang break at marmaing nagpipilahan sa canteen so they risked themselves eating at the classroom nalang at ang cheating and plagiarism. AT ANG DALAWANG YAN ANG PINAKAMATINDING OFFENSE FOR OUR COLLEGE. WHY? Kasi we'll be doing a lot if reserach and essays. Kapag di mo nalagay ang citation o bibliography, patay ka. DO ka!

It was the most tiring. :)) We had our Froshies Mass, it will be the first that all CLA's will be doing it and will happen again on our graduation.

Then, we went to Enrique Razon Sports Complex sa 9th floor and we walked all the way up. Pagdatingdun yung mga Orgs nagbigay ng kung anu-ano parang exhibit na inikot namin ang isang oval at tumanggap lang ng kung anik-anik. We went down to the 8th floor and sat down. Next, ANIMO building. Sa may court besides the gym. There had a play, performance, prizes. LSDC, Contemporary and Animo Squad. We learned the cheers and wave and cheer.


Pauwi, I rode a bus na WLH. Ilang beses siyang nagsstop at tuluyang nasira. REFUND ng pamasahe. Sumakay ako ng pambansang sasakyan, JEEP! LANGYA! Kaskaserong, nakikipagkarera, biglang nagbbreaks at ewan. GUSTO YATA MAMATAY YUNG MGA PASAHERO. Nagstop sa may Commonwealth, aba'y bigla ding nasira. ALAM mo yun antagal nilang magrefund. Napakaselfish talaga. Naghintay pa kami ng mga 10 minuto para lang ibigay sa amin mga pamasahe namin. DAYMIT! Tapos yun, nakauwi rin. K.O ako!

--- Transferring some blogs here. :)


Di naman sa maaga akong nagising dahil excited ako, maging practical na may trapik na rin kasi other schools started their classes na and it is my Orientation day pa.

First of all, mahal ang FX. 50 hanggang Vito Cruz. Mas mabuting magbus ka at bumaba sa pinakahuling station nila sa Remedios, bago magRemedios dahil di ko kabisado at alin man sa alin AT SUMAKAY NG DYIP 30+ plus 6. Solb na yu! Habang binabagtas ang kalye ng Taft biglang nabangga/binangga sa likuran ang sinasakyan kong FX. Akala ko naflat yun pala yun na. 'Kay, di ko na inalam kung nasaang street na kami. Sumakay nalang ako ng Jeep papunta sa South Gate. Binaba naman ako ng Jeep sa tamang babaan.

Una, nakiramdam ako kung ano ng ginagawa ng mga ibang estudyante. Syempre, di pa ako pumapasok sa loob nun, parang nasa waiting area lang. Tapos may mga parents na sabi ilabas mo ID mo. Nakigaya naman ako! FUNNEH! :)) Then yun, pinascan na yung ID namin. Leech 'yan. Parang bar code reader kaso lang ang tagal bago maidentify. Okay, pag-aaralan ko kung paano ginagawa yun! Nang madali nalang ako makapasok at walang maabala na susunod sa akin.

Sumunod lang naman din ako kung saan dumiretso ang mga estudyante at ayun DOON LANG PALA ang CENTRAL PLAZA. Dumayo muna ako sa CR at nag-ayos ng buhok. Dahil di ko makita ang block ko, may nagtanong sa akin at nasa kadulu-duluhan pala yun sa other side. SSSSSSHHH! TAHIMIK! Nagpakilala naman ang LaSallian Ambassador namin, OKAY the next FROSH sana maging ganun din ako. Binasa ko yung Guide Booklet na binigay sa amin. By 7 pass, dumiretso na kami sa Auditorium.

Animations, the LaSallian Prayer is way more better to start a prayer tama nga naman kasi. Nagdadance kami, interpretative. Nagsilabasan yung host. BOOM! Very energetic and encouraging ang way of hosting nila. Then they introduced the Chancellor and Director of the College as replacement for the Dean kasi WALEY siya sa Orientation.

Nakatutuwa ang Chancellor namin ang daming kwento syempre kasabayan din kasi ng orientation namin ang importanteng nangyayari sa Congress kaya yun nag-usap pulitika. HAHAHA! Lahat yata halos ng catchy phrase ng Presidential candidates pinagsama-sama niya in a sensible way. Then came, the Director, ipinaliwanag ang mararating mo and made the good choice.