Friday, October 26, 2012

September 1st

I don't know but the 1st days of the 'BER months has thrown me surprises lately, yes September and October, don't know bout November and December yet. The solo photos below were taken on the 1st of September when Maverick, my high school bud is always on his random moments and a very decent place to hangout is always too, SM Fairview. Yea, so practically on random days, one of us would message another, 'Let's go out!' We're good to go! Wala ng isip-isip, bihis agad. 

What we do? We just stroll around and let a group of girls look at him while I serve as his lookout (ehem! Means, to check how girls looks at him and reacts with their eyes, because he's that gwapo and tangkad, and he looks Korean pa daw) -- drop the conyo tone right there- and out of nowhere I will appear on his side, and the girlsssss, the girls who looks at him, would want to stab me, kasi 'Ayy sayang, may girl si kuya!' HAHAHAHA! Well, I look great and maganda rin naman kaya nasisira yung moment nila

Randomly, we drank vodka and beer. I don't know. There's no specific celebration, but then it came after a few days and I was broken like hell.

And this is Mac, my kapitbahay/co-YFC/super friend/ coined as my bff of my co-lectors. This was after a YFC event, Households Leadership Training I think, before 8pm mass.

I miss these!! Sharing my personal endeavors and reflections and what nots. I miss my 2011 posts.