Monday, September 10, 2012

You can be three things

The past days have not been good to me. And hearing mass, being inside the church really lightens my spirit and mood. And so after a long time, I found another favorite homily of mine. It was a short, less than 15 minutes homily, but it was direct to the point.

The homily that became my first favorite and implanted on my mind always,
"Huwag kang magalit sa taong gumagawa ng kasalanan, magalit ka sa kasalanan." (Do not be angry to the people who commits sin, but to the sin itself)
Do you get the point? Everyone deserves forgiveness after all.

And yesternight, I heard a very meaningful message from God. The theme was, "Ephphatha!" (that is, "Be opened!"). This will not be verbatim. (I think I should record, every homily from now on. Kidding!)

Anak: Nanay, bakit ganun puno ng paghihirap ang buhay? Ang hirap sumunod sa inyo ni tatay, ang hirap gumawa ng assignment... 
Nanay: (Kumuha ng 3 pots - kaserola - with carrot, egg, and coffee beans, nilagyan ng tubig yung kaserola tapos pinaboil. Nilagay yung carrots, egg, and coffeebeans then pinaboil ulit ng 5-7 minutes. Kumuha ng platito, at nilagay doon yung carrot, itlog. Kumuha ng tasa at isinalin ang kape) In time's of problems and means, you can be three things. 
A carrot, first hard but becomes soft in times of problem.
An egg, fragile at first, but becomes hardboiled. Stronger, holds on, takes form. 
And a coffeebean, after sometime enduring the process, the water became a good coffee.

Then the priest asked, "Sino gusto maging masaya?"

"Then BE OPEN to the pains of life."

"BE OPEN to the challenges of life
." (After another question)

"Sino gusto maging mayaman?"

"Then BE OPEN to the poor!"

I believe I am a coffee bean, I do not care what other people say about me or what, I do not become fragile and feels like there's no tomorrow, no hope. I do not become hard, that I blame some one for what happened to me. Instead, my interpretation of the coffee bean before Fr. Tristan, explained, that it goes with the flow. I am courageous, I stand by God, I stand by what I know myself is made.


"When we work with GOD, we can work through ANYTHING (in times of adversity)."

Now, I ask what are you?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The parcel has arrived

Remember my Romwe Shopping post? Now my package has arrived! Sorry for the photos, I have a camera but the memory card can't be read so I used webcam instead. I am very happy! :)) It has sunnies because that's part of the prize I won of to get this items!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fashion Intern PH: The Fast Paced Trimester System

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be 'Fashion Intern PH Campus Ambassador' for De La Salle University. And we were given our first writing assignment. Oh, I am excited to meet the person behind Fashion Intern PH and my co-ambassadors. Moving on, here is my article for Fashion Intern PH:
Normally, a university would follow a semester system in an annual school year. That means, just like high school, it have a 1 or 2 weeks worth of semester break and 2 full months of bummer vacation. How about the universities who advanced their way to the top and deviate from the normal school calendar? A few colleges and universities in the Philippines follow a trimester system; known of them is De La Salle University and De La Salle- College of St. Benilde.

Following a trimester calendar is not just a pain for finances to the parents but also the pace of studying a subject within 3, sometimes less than 4 months to the students. Different courses, different difficulties. Basically, on a trimester, subjects were taken at 18 units max so it is less than the 27-32 units load on a semester. Of course, it is a variation of hard and easy subjects combined for students not to be burdened by their load.
Read the whole article HERE and post comments.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meme inspired outfit

Saw this from 9gag and it's too cute not to blog. So, would you wear this?