Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The World is Flat

According to Thomas Friedman, the world, nowadays, is flat? What did he mean by flat? That the earth/globe has now an edge and when you reach it, you will fall just like the first seafarers myth. No, he means it by being globally competitive, collaborating with different people in the world. Now, do you get the geez? I see a light bulb above you already! Yes, by mean of flat is through TECHNOLOGY.

Now the factors that contributed to these flatteners, why it seems that everything is just easy and you can do it with a snap of a finger will be enumerated. I will not make this long, but in the end I hope this will spark an interest to you. There are 10, which are New Age of Connectivity, New Age of Creativity, Work Flow Software, Uploading, Outsourcing, Supply chain, Offshoring, Informing, Insourcing and Steroids. To make it easy, I will choose three concepts. Everything enumerated is relatable to begin with but if you will be having a hard time to understand it all, narrowing it will be easier to understand. I choose Uploading, Informing, and Steroids. The first two may be very familiar because you can see it on the internet or read in published papers, or heard from a friend/ colleague. Uploading according to Friedman is the transmitting of information from a computer to a network. Through uploading, be it educational, for fun, recreation, and with the wide use of internet connection today, we help others be informed of what we wanted to share based on our reasons. We can upload it through our blogs, a public or secret website. Do you know what made this phenomenon widespread, Porn! Instead of buying CDs or DVDs, you can just stream it online and relax on your seat. Easy! What about The Steroids, this is also what makes everything easy and reliable in an instant. With these, you can work even not at home; you just have to have a wireless connection and some mini hard drives and you are good to go.

Now, is the world flat? Are we all within reach? We can only see the manifested function, not what is going on behind what we are enjoying. Do we benefit? Yes, we are loaded of information. But who benefits from what we pay when we use these programs?

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