Saturday, August 4, 2012

Romwe Shopping

How thrilled I am to share that I shopped at because I have won The Walking Recessionista's Romwe Summer Giveaway announced here. Well, I have items on my cart already but not on my shopping bag account on Romwe. My purchased items did not went on what on my cart, because they cost more than expected on the allowed expense already, so I have to choose on a cheaper but pretty good find on that suits my style. I chose colors.

I wanted to purchase 2 footwear but it will sum near the allowable credit and won't give space to another clothing. So I risked what I needed. Sigh!

Point Toes Green Flat Shoes
This is what I risked and will be staying for my wishlist again.

Why I chose the sandals more than the flats? Because I don't have any, and I wanted my feet to be on rest and see the world at some point. HAHA! But really, even though I don't have a waterproof flats yet, this will be a good investment for some rainy or summery season so my feet won't get sweaty. And rawr! The sandals have spikes.

Look at the clothes! I have yellow and chiffon colors. They go together? Hmm. I can see this wearing myself to school.

Thank you Romwe and Cheyser of The Walking Recessionista!