Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dress your way

This is a late post but anyway. Last July 14, 2012, I attended Maven's Beauty Blowout and Anniversary event at Trinoma. They had workshops too! The first workshop was all about how to look professional in the workplace, in short, dress codes. I think there are 7 and I missed to shoot the first and the last two ways of dressing.

First, is business corporate. Which means stockings and all the conservative or warm types of clothing.
Second is Corporate level of dressing. Blazers are always a must on the first two and neckline measurement should be higher.

Third, Professiona;. Lower neckline, no blazer.

Fourth, Casual Professional. Hope you can see the picture.

Fifth, Smart casual.
Sixth and Seventh, oh I can't remember but they are casual and the everyday fashion.

The workshop was presented by Ms. Karen Loren Agustin- Ostrea of Global Image Management.
And her outfit belongs to the fourth/fifth category.

And a sweet Patti cake.

Maven Magazine will be having its second Beyond the Blush Event on September 15 at Glorietta 3. 
Check their facebook page now for the details.