Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dress your way

This is a late post but anyway. Last July 14, 2012, I attended Maven's Beauty Blowout and Anniversary event at Trinoma. They had workshops too! The first workshop was all about how to look professional in the workplace, in short, dress codes. I think there are 7 and I missed to shoot the first and the last two ways of dressing.

First, is business corporate. Which means stockings and all the conservative or warm types of clothing.
Second is Corporate level of dressing. Blazers are always a must on the first two and neckline measurement should be higher.

Third, Professiona;. Lower neckline, no blazer.

Fourth, Casual Professional. Hope you can see the picture.

Fifth, Smart casual.
Sixth and Seventh, oh I can't remember but they are casual and the everyday fashion.

The workshop was presented by Ms. Karen Loren Agustin- Ostrea of Global Image Management.
And her outfit belongs to the fourth/fifth category.

And a sweet Patti cake.

Maven Magazine will be having its second Beyond the Blush Event on September 15 at Glorietta 3. 
Check their facebook page now for the details.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Building with the 13th Floor

Photo from Google Images

Is it the only buiding with literally the 13th floor on it or Strata 2000 have also? I miss Strata 100 though!
If you know why, then tell me. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Next 11 (N11)

In 2005, Goldman Sachs identified the Next 11 (N-11) largest populations after BRIC, which—combined with economic and political conditions—could greatly impact the global economy. The N-11 countries include Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria,Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam.
This is exciting!

Following this:

BRIC: Created and Coined by Goldman Sachs

In 2001, Goldman Sachs created and coined the term BRIC—Brazil, Russia, India and China—to identify the world’s fastest growing economies. Countries that, we believe, are our next global leaders. Our latest forecasts illustrate their anticipated momentum as key drivers of global economic recovery, to potentially become four of the world’s top six economies by 2032.

Interesting for a fact that Occidentals are gaining their positions and getting their secret weapons ready for a pandemic development. The globe is getting an overhaul starting now.

The once colonialized, dormant countries are paving the way to be part of the top global economies. One day, Asians! Get ready, we will be the hegemony! I do not like to point China because…

Kidding aside what Patrick star has said. It could be harsh reality. We are aiming for our property that is within Philippines Area of Responsibility, however China insists that it should be their island. Moving on...

I would want to talk about globalization but this caught my attention because on one of my class, we kept discussing about the BRIC, then there’s TIP (Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines), and fortunately now, stumbled on Goldman Sach’s website! I would want to share this because with our small help, we keep our economy, culture alive. And that, we are not resources to be thrown away! We are to be keep and protected!

Hail Asia!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The World is Flat

According to Thomas Friedman, the world, nowadays, is flat? What did he mean by flat? That the earth/globe has now an edge and when you reach it, you will fall just like the first seafarers myth. No, he means it by being globally competitive, collaborating with different people in the world. Now, do you get the geez? I see a light bulb above you already! Yes, by mean of flat is through TECHNOLOGY.

Now the factors that contributed to these flatteners, why it seems that everything is just easy and you can do it with a snap of a finger will be enumerated. I will not make this long, but in the end I hope this will spark an interest to you. There are 10, which are New Age of Connectivity, New Age of Creativity, Work Flow Software, Uploading, Outsourcing, Supply chain, Offshoring, Informing, Insourcing and Steroids. To make it easy, I will choose three concepts. Everything enumerated is relatable to begin with but if you will be having a hard time to understand it all, narrowing it will be easier to understand. I choose Uploading, Informing, and Steroids. The first two may be very familiar because you can see it on the internet or read in published papers, or heard from a friend/ colleague. Uploading according to Friedman is the transmitting of information from a computer to a network. Through uploading, be it educational, for fun, recreation, and with the wide use of internet connection today, we help others be informed of what we wanted to share based on our reasons. We can upload it through our blogs, a public or secret website. Do you know what made this phenomenon widespread, Porn! Instead of buying CDs or DVDs, you can just stream it online and relax on your seat. Easy! What about The Steroids, this is also what makes everything easy and reliable in an instant. With these, you can work even not at home; you just have to have a wireless connection and some mini hard drives and you are good to go.

Now, is the world flat? Are we all within reach? We can only see the manifested function, not what is going on behind what we are enjoying. Do we benefit? Yes, we are loaded of information. But who benefits from what we pay when we use these programs?

Read it here at: (This might be the whole book)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Close enough

So they say my color for the day is related to Barney here. Today, I will be presenting the coverage of my outfit.

Accessories from Mauve.

Thank you! And hoping everyone is safe from the flooding and nonstop rain. I admire the Filipino spirit!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Printed bottoms

Necklace: Bubbles

Printed bottoms: c/o Aisa Ipac's giveaway

Forgive the face, look, pose and outcome. Not meant for anything. 


Art by Mac Garnica

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Lady in Purple

Whatever Barney the Dinosaur!
Warning! Don't be scared! :|

Just like some suspense movie where a character like this dressed up. A veil on the head! The Healing lang ang peg. LOL! Some vanity.

Thanks to Wear Mauve for this accessories. And Madhouse MNL for the GC spent on this! 

Sheinside Giveaway

$50,000 for one winner? Are you serious? Kidding aside, wish it is true for one promoter/reader/shopaholic. What a heaven it would be to browse beautiful items on one of the shopping websites worldwide.
Are you ready for this? Grab the chance and you might win a $100 cash coupon on Click the photo to enter!!

Romwe Shopping

How thrilled I am to share that I shopped at because I have won The Walking Recessionista's Romwe Summer Giveaway announced here. Well, I have items on my cart already but not on my shopping bag account on Romwe. My purchased items did not went on what on my cart, because they cost more than expected on the allowed expense already, so I have to choose on a cheaper but pretty good find on that suits my style. I chose colors.

I wanted to purchase 2 footwear but it will sum near the allowable credit and won't give space to another clothing. So I risked what I needed. Sigh!

Point Toes Green Flat Shoes
This is what I risked and will be staying for my wishlist again.

Why I chose the sandals more than the flats? Because I don't have any, and I wanted my feet to be on rest and see the world at some point. HAHA! But really, even though I don't have a waterproof flats yet, this will be a good investment for some rainy or summery season so my feet won't get sweaty. And rawr! The sandals have spikes.

Look at the clothes! I have yellow and chiffon colors. They go together? Hmm. I can see this wearing myself to school.

Thank you Romwe and Cheyser of The Walking Recessionista!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Checkered Nude

Top: Thrifted, Belt: Jhajing, Skirt: Bazaar

Shoes: Solemate, SM Department Store

Bag: Roxy

Goody Ouchless tie on the wrist

One rainy day, there's no place to shoot. 
And so I think I pulled out my outfit.