Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A trip down to memory lane

Okay, we did this in class. And I’m having hard time to fill in events of the age where it shall be placed. Do you remember what you do every year? If you know me, you are free to add up our memories together.
Age 3: When my mom and I entering a jeep, suddenly my hat (with wigs) was blown away by the wind
Age 4: I attended day care/toddler school located on my tita’s office
Age 5: Mom and I went to the province
            I had scabs.
I fell off a rocky step due to my naughtiness- spinning around a kubo and ended on the door and feel.
First airplane ride
First dance performance
Sang ‘Shalala and Aringkingking’ with fellow villagers and close friend in our service
Age 6: Boy cut hair
            I am very diligent
            I was accelerated to Grade 1
            I had my Mario cake
            We played joysticks
Age 7: I am weak in Math
            My adviser threw a blackboard eraser
            I had my first crush
            Learned how to use a computer
            Part of dancing programs
Age 8: Our service driver sells packed meat for ‘baon.’
            I didn’t attend school for almost a month
            Had a traumatic experience
            Still hates Math
Part of dancing programs
Age 9:  My saddest birthday
            I didn’t join my mom whenever she asks me to go out because of a traumatic experience          
            First time to stay in a hotel
            Received most behave award
Age 10: Went to Vigan
            3rd honor roll, first time to be on Top 5
Age 11: 2nd honor roll
            Had some issues with the Top 1
            Discovered my best friend
            Went to Araneta for the MAPSA schools concert
            Performed a tambourine dance
Age 12: Salutatorian during elementary
             Joined a volleyball team

Age 13: Entered high school
            Had my first suitor and received love letters
            Had another suitor and received a bear and movie treat
            Had my first on-off relationship
            Competed on a pre-regional quiz bee
            Won first ever high school quiz bee
            Student volunteer on our Student Council
            Became part of the volleyball team
Age 14: Had second boyfriend
            Joked to a friend about a pack of chocolates and the day after I received it
            First kiss
            Still chosen as representative for competitions, only for reviewing just in case
            Had third boyfriend
            Had a family in high school, Mcdo family (We almost always go to Mcdo)
            Class president
            Still part of the volleyball team
            Became a scholar
            Had a 2nd take on my algebra exam for my scholarship
            Directed a play for religion class
            Dreamt of becoming a psychology major
Age 15: Celebrated birthday with friends
            Volleyball team player
            Sometimes choreograph for interpretative dance numbers
            Trained in CAT
            Broke-up with boyfriend
            Joined YFC
            Enrolled on a college review program
            Dreamt of taking a business course/ events management
            Hosted a battle of the bands     
            Went to NBS in Technohub with HS friends after UPCAT
            Actively participates onYFC activities
            Became CAT female cadet officer
            Li-lowed in batch rankings
            Walked with friends home
            Passed DLSU CET and FEU CET
            Entered DLSU as Behavioral Science student
            Watched UAAP games sponsored by an older Lasallian friend
            Tempted to join for volleyball team
            First fun run
Age 17: Joined BSS
            Went to 18th birthday parties
            Joined FAST10 as Advocacy Committee
            Went to foot ball field kick-off with Keico and played games
            Started my personal blog
            Won giveaways
Participated in S-LIFE’s lead and being able to see the Jaime Hilario Integrated School in Bataan
First bazaar and spent with my own money
Age 18: Got an invite from Meg Magazine’s event
            Christmas Bazaar and bought gifts for friends
            Co-hosted a debut
            Hadn’t auditioned for Meg’s next ambassador
Cerealicious after the Tuesday suspension of classes
            Interned at One Mega Group Inc