Friday, July 27, 2012

Sleek black

I didn't know BlackBerry was there all along until it's craze in 2010. Well, that's when I fully began to know what is Blackberry and its offers. That year, for me, was their booming years in the Philippines too, especially on the following years because some of my friends bought a BB phone and BBM became rampant. How about you when did you know about Blackberry?

Moving on, the recent months brought my most hectic scheds. Why? Because I'm a marketing officer of mostly the organizations I joined the university and of course every now and then I have to look, search, and contact them. Especially via mail. It would be essential for me, - even though I don't own a laptop that I can bring anywhere I will go- a phone that I can bring anywhere and have access to the internet. Second, I always use my phone to call somebody. So the audibility of the phone is a perks already. 

Mainly, the reason is the email thing. Of course, I need to subscribe before I can use the service for unlinet.

And the counterpart of a sleek phone is a sleek me on a black ensemble. Does it look corporate to you? If so, it is because the General Assembly of one of my organization and VPs (Vice President, yes I'm on a key position) was asked to wear a black corporate attire hence this.

Bubbles necklace

Royel Koffer Inc Satchel Bag

Shoes: Solemate, SM Department Store
And it's a rainy and windy night.

Sleek and charming?