Friday, July 27, 2012

One random day

This would be All of the In Between and Above. If you get it. HAHA! Hmm. That day I also thought of changing my header and my blog name to this. However, it's just my art.

Below, the last artwork was Swan in the Making. LOL! Look at that swan, doesn't look like any.

One time I am waiting for a friend so I amused myself with doing something on one of the page of my planner. I've tried making a header my friend's blogs. (Feelingera!) So bongga di ba

Header Me

Shall I change the name of my blog to mariebiskwet or stay to the matchmakerme?
Matchmakerme is like ages ago and so teenager. Parang no one would get I named my site like that. 

Sleek black

I didn't know BlackBerry was there all along until it's craze in 2010. Well, that's when I fully began to know what is Blackberry and its offers. That year, for me, was their booming years in the Philippines too, especially on the following years because some of my friends bought a BB phone and BBM became rampant. How about you when did you know about Blackberry?

Moving on, the recent months brought my most hectic scheds. Why? Because I'm a marketing officer of mostly the organizations I joined the university and of course every now and then I have to look, search, and contact them. Especially via mail. It would be essential for me, - even though I don't own a laptop that I can bring anywhere I will go- a phone that I can bring anywhere and have access to the internet. Second, I always use my phone to call somebody. So the audibility of the phone is a perks already. 

Mainly, the reason is the email thing. Of course, I need to subscribe before I can use the service for unlinet.

And the counterpart of a sleek phone is a sleek me on a black ensemble. Does it look corporate to you? If so, it is because the General Assembly of one of my organization and VPs (Vice President, yes I'm on a key position) was asked to wear a black corporate attire hence this.

Bubbles necklace

Royel Koffer Inc Satchel Bag

Shoes: Solemate, SM Department Store
And it's a rainy and windy night.

Sleek and charming? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

OASAP dress

Jacquard Silk Scarf Collar Button Front Twin Pocket Shirt Dress (Lemon)
Quality jacquard silk shirt dress with unique sheer silk scarf collar which could also be untied, front button with button up twin pocket on both sides also embellished with sheer silk, elegant pleat and button detail on back.

Lucky me! I won a dress from OASAP on its just recently ended giveaway. And this is what I won!

Shop now at OASAP!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Denim Blue Blue

And the adjectives are not in order, right? Or is it?
I will not deny that I have planned my outfit for the day. How many times I have came up with this kind of ensemble but paired with the top with a different bottom and shoes. The top's not totally blue though, hence, I like how the top can be paired with anything. I shall document it!

One afternoon, I was lazy, went to Mcdonald's, was supposed to finish a paper and voila! Not even a phrase done! I'm a real procrastinator now!

Top: Thrifted
Bag: Roxy
Skirt: Random
Shoes: SM Department Store, Solemate

Ahh! That was a whirlpool of tired expressions and stiff posture (leaning back), the top photos. Ehe! 
How do you find my look?

Lacy (Lazy) in Pink

Sheer and loose. Crumpled and fit. With the emphasis of the pink tone to make the outfit more girly. This is what I prepped up for Maven Magazine's Beauty Blowout last Saturday at Trinoma, their anniversary special too. It's funny how I stumbled upon this magazine and ended up buying it, hours after I first saw it from the shelf of the library where I am having my internship.

Obviously, do I know how to pose?

Getting serious with something, eh?
Top, Skirt: Forever 21 (Borrowed from Nica)
Bracelet, Necklace: Bubbles 
Heels: Bazaar

And a free wine I'm savoring during the event. :) More of the event details on my next post.

Sorry for the photos quality. I should do a little adjustment with the digi cam I am using.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Playing with my hair

I wanted this post to focus on my lips. Yes, I purchased a lipstick! ;)
It's Zest of Ever Bilena.

When I started my internship, not even, during my internship interview, the supervisor told me, "Of course, we want you to look professional too and not be mistaken as an ordinary intern - tired face, messy hair, etc. Put lipstick on, you look pale."

That was months ago, and it was only now I really decided to have my own lipstick. Not lip gloss or lip shine but a LIP STICK.

My chosen Ever Bilena lip stick was long wear one with Vitamin E. It will really help my dry lips.

Does it look good to me? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A trip down to memory lane

Okay, we did this in class. And I’m having hard time to fill in events of the age where it shall be placed. Do you remember what you do every year? If you know me, you are free to add up our memories together.
Age 3: When my mom and I entering a jeep, suddenly my hat (with wigs) was blown away by the wind
Age 4: I attended day care/toddler school located on my tita’s office
Age 5: Mom and I went to the province
            I had scabs.
I fell off a rocky step due to my naughtiness- spinning around a kubo and ended on the door and feel.
First airplane ride
First dance performance
Sang ‘Shalala and Aringkingking’ with fellow villagers and close friend in our service
Age 6: Boy cut hair
            I am very diligent
            I was accelerated to Grade 1
            I had my Mario cake
            We played joysticks
Age 7: I am weak in Math
            My adviser threw a blackboard eraser
            I had my first crush
            Learned how to use a computer
            Part of dancing programs
Age 8: Our service driver sells packed meat for ‘baon.’
            I didn’t attend school for almost a month
            Had a traumatic experience
            Still hates Math
Part of dancing programs
Age 9:  My saddest birthday
            I didn’t join my mom whenever she asks me to go out because of a traumatic experience          
            First time to stay in a hotel
            Received most behave award
Age 10: Went to Vigan
            3rd honor roll, first time to be on Top 5
Age 11: 2nd honor roll
            Had some issues with the Top 1
            Discovered my best friend
            Went to Araneta for the MAPSA schools concert
            Performed a tambourine dance
Age 12: Salutatorian during elementary
             Joined a volleyball team

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I look so tired on the picture though.

Dress: Tomato
Flats: SM Department Store (Solemate)