Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mixing culture into fashion

When I was first saw the new campaign ad from BAYO, I didn’t give it much thought. It was kind of clear that it was about fashion since when it said “what’s your mix?” When people began talking about it, especially on how others feel offended, it made me curious; what did they do wrong?

Of course, where I got all this news? Twitter and a friend who told me about this before I saw the tweets. Randomly he asked me, "What do you think of Filipinos idolizing half-Filipinos like Jessica Sanchez?" I don't verbatim remember if that was the exact question but it hits like that. I said, "It's okay. They're Filipino's still. What's wrong?" We argued but not made it a big deal.

Only when I checked it again did I realize that BAYO made a mistake that could ruin their reputation. It sent of the wrong message when they involved Filipino blood. Maybe because many new idols and celebrities have Filipino blood in them nowadays but BAYO made it look like “mixed” races are beautiful and world class. Sure, we can say that to some extent it is true, but they made it look like our heritage serves only to add ‘spice’ to other nationalities. Does it mean that pure Filipinos are inferior to mixed Filipinos? If what they meant was that mixed clothing is the same as mixed race, then they made it sound racist and made their ad very controversial.

For me, as in, on my opinion. BAYO's advertisement is latent same as to the fact that every Filipino clothing brand that are well-known, Penshoppe, Bench, even have international endorsers. What made people think that the advertisement is wrong because of the caption added on the image "50% _____ and 50%". I mean, come on! They're going international too but not yet with known international actors/actresses worldwide. Is it?