Tuesday, June 12, 2012

GREATWK's Art tour

GREATWK class last Thursday, our professor told:

Carlos ‘Botong’ Franciso had a premonition of his death.

- While working on an artwork, he heard a funeral marching band. He then looked at what’s happening outside and saw people dressed in barong and saya. Later that day, he asked the neighborhood, who was it and if he had witnessed what he saw earlier. The neighbor then replied that he heard and saw nothing. O.o

June 9, 2012, Art tour (Angono, Rizal):

We were at the house of National Artist Botong Franciso. We heard a band nearing the place. Because we’re inside a very small space, I walked in to a hall where I can see the street and saw men dressed in white which is the band, I was astounded, I rushed inside the small room again. “May fiesta ba? Parang wala namang banners kanina,” I asked my friend. The sound was not lively though but so slow, so I didn’t bother to think it was a funeral march already. It’s creepy. HAHA! Almost everyone thought, “Is this real? Or am I the only one?” Well, seems that Botong (yes, close! First name basis. HAHA) Knew we were there.

PS. Aww! I don't have a camera. It would have been better if I share to you the artworks I've seen.