Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mixing culture into fashion

When I was first saw the new campaign ad from BAYO, I didn’t give it much thought. It was kind of clear that it was about fashion since when it said “what’s your mix?” When people began talking about it, especially on how others feel offended, it made me curious; what did they do wrong?

Of course, where I got all this news? Twitter and a friend who told me about this before I saw the tweets. Randomly he asked me, "What do you think of Filipinos idolizing half-Filipinos like Jessica Sanchez?" I don't verbatim remember if that was the exact question but it hits like that. I said, "It's okay. They're Filipino's still. What's wrong?" We argued but not made it a big deal.

Only when I checked it again did I realize that BAYO made a mistake that could ruin their reputation. It sent of the wrong message when they involved Filipino blood. Maybe because many new idols and celebrities have Filipino blood in them nowadays but BAYO made it look like “mixed” races are beautiful and world class. Sure, we can say that to some extent it is true, but they made it look like our heritage serves only to add ‘spice’ to other nationalities. Does it mean that pure Filipinos are inferior to mixed Filipinos? If what they meant was that mixed clothing is the same as mixed race, then they made it sound racist and made their ad very controversial.

For me, as in, on my opinion. BAYO's advertisement is latent same as to the fact that every Filipino clothing brand that are well-known, Penshoppe, Bench, even have international endorsers. What made people think that the advertisement is wrong because of the caption added on the image "50% _____ and 50%". I mean, come on! They're going international too but not yet with known international actors/actresses worldwide. Is it?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Edgy type

As blogged in here, Edgy in school, I have modeled for an eyewear. For a more specific details of what I wore, here they are:


Sorry if pixelated! Anyways, my shirt has a cut on the back !

Pictures of me and my partners during the modelling.

Hoho for Cliff Ho! :)

Disclaimer: Photos are not completely mine. They are tagged pictures from my facebook. 
Animo La Salle!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Edgy in school

Last Friday, June 8, 2012, I was invited to model for an eyewear.
It was an event held in De La Salle University especially for the frosh a.k.a freshmen students.
Well, I was part of that committee too, and the central committee was assigned to model for an eyewear.
We were lucky enough that we got  a distributor of the eye wears everyone is wearing, be it Prada, Bvlgari, Guess, Rayban, etc.

Pepe Jeans London is now in the Philippines!!! Visit your local department stores and optical shops to check out our latest eyewear collection!
Founded in 1973, Pepe Jeans London is now established as one of the world’s leading fashion brands, internationally acclaimed for their inspiring designer clothing collections. Renowned for their jeans and denim wear, Pepe also produce a full casual clothing range which includes a whole collection of stylish accessories, including full sunglass and optical eyewear collections.
And so, the shirts which we were supposed to just wear we're given to us free and styled it for the fashion show. Take a look and see how in a Lasallian fashion we presented the shirts to the frosh.

That's me, Adel and Bianca.

GREATWK's Art tour

GREATWK class last Thursday, our professor told:

Carlos ‘Botong’ Franciso had a premonition of his death.

- While working on an artwork, he heard a funeral marching band. He then looked at what’s happening outside and saw people dressed in barong and saya. Later that day, he asked the neighborhood, who was it and if he had witnessed what he saw earlier. The neighbor then replied that he heard and saw nothing. O.o

June 9, 2012, Art tour (Angono, Rizal):

We were at the house of National Artist Botong Franciso. We heard a band nearing the place. Because we’re inside a very small space, I walked in to a hall where I can see the street and saw men dressed in white which is the band, I was astounded, I rushed inside the small room again. “May fiesta ba? Parang wala namang banners kanina,” I asked my friend. The sound was not lively though but so slow, so I didn’t bother to think it was a funeral march already. It’s creepy. HAHA! Almost everyone thought, “Is this real? Or am I the only one?” Well, seems that Botong (yes, close! First name basis. HAHA) Knew we were there.

PS. Aww! I don't have a camera. It would have been better if I share to you the artworks I've seen.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Familiar? We're bringing them back!

Back in 2010. I was a frosh! Since we're part of UAAP. Every year, different organizations release shirts that will support La Salle all throughout the celebrations, games, and ordinary days.
That shirt made a statement! And created a loud cheer within the arenas.
The person behind, Ms. Kryz Syfu. College of Liberal Arts President (2010).

It's so orig! Now, you don't want to miss these. 

Continue the Lasallian LEGACY.
Visit us at Miguel Walk, booth 10 and get your own DDL shirt from June 11-15, 2012

De La Salle Centennial Culminating

Announcing the De La Salle University's Centennial Culminating Activity.
As we welcome another century.
Let's all celebrate and participate what we have in store for you for the month of June!

Animo La Salle!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crocodile on my eyes

Thank you to Canon and Ms. Lissa Kahayon of Scene Stealer for this Lacoste sunglasses
Half -crossed out on my bucketlist for having a known international brand accessories.  :)

Have you seen the new me?

I just used Webcam Toy here. :)
Well yes, if you notice anything here just tell me. 

Happy June, btw!