Friday, May 4, 2012

Mini-library in heels

This is me. Boring myself. (I secretly used the webcam) Ssh.

Okay. It's my second day as an intern and what I am doing? In the MEGA library  (yes, they have their own mini library), using the laptop of HR, the department I am with.

I am wearing heels now, so take a break. Oh, a while ago Arci (RC) Munoz of TV5, the character of Felina, was here. I didn't know she's an artist though. I was suprised because there were Chucky and creepy dolls and the editors were arranging it on one of the book cabinets. Definitely, not the one on my back but the one that's adjacent on my right. Alright. So much of that stuff. Going back to signature campaign. For two days, I've been roaming the whole floor of MEGA for that signatures.

Last night when I went to sleep and because I cannot sleep I pictured the one I'm familiar with - their names and faces.

P.S. Whether you  are my block mate or not whose reading this:
Hi! :) If you are interested, join me as an intern here in MEGA. Thank you!
or if you want to work in MEGA, check their website for career opportunities.