Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey, I've been interning for a week now on a prestige publishing house. Hm. I'm a Human Resource Intern, fyi. They are those who screen your applications if you are qualified or not on your choices of job applying for. Yes, I've been doing it for quite some time now. After those endless roaming of the hallways and going back and forth to the departments that I'm ashamed of myself because I kept coming back and I can't still memorize their names with their faces. Anyways, at least now, I know a few na. 

So yeah, when I was asked to sort the resumes by the job they're applying for and have to sort them again with their looks and contents from their resume. It's kinda hard. Parang I should have no heart, it sounds so wrong, so let me put it this way, "It must top with the qualifications of the company, and as how they look and experiences could imbibe the integrity the company has. It also goes with a person's competency." So there.

Not just that, because I receive application form directly from the receptionist from the reception area, there's always a chance that I look on their forms and resumes. I'm a very intuitive person, sometimes it so strong, moderate and sometimes not. But I wish luck on every I-think-deserving-applicant who I usher from the reception to their interview or test area.

What really struck on me? I haven't shared it yet, so here it goes. Why a person doesn't finish his/her education? Because of money? Why does it have to be expensive and not affordable for some? A person applying for driver who is on his early 40s. I mean, come on. I would have broken in tears instantly but I can't. I feel pity, yes. But I should not, because it is still a clean job but not those highly- ranked and being looked forward to as a job. He finished only one year of a college, that question above! Why? I don't know. I guess it hurts because he looks fragile to me, though I saw him smoked a cigarette which adds to his disease then, early 40's- some companies don't accept an age bracket beyond this, only few does. See! Age bracket. And another man applying as messenger. It hurts. What happened on their education as to why they have to apply for these kind of jobs?

Are my questions wrong or what? Does it makes sense? I mean, anyone can do those tasks- drive, deliver by themselves, ask a friend to help you to do those. I don't get it. Maybe, yes, I still have a young mind but that doesn't mean I'm always carefree and take this people for gratitude.

Maybe just maybe, I wanted a better country with every education opportunity to uphold its citizens.