Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magnum Day

Serious face with Magnum (Chocolate Truffle).

Nganga face with Magnum. :D

Magnum with my 'princess' block mate in majors. :)

Sorry it's grainy. Using my friend's Ipad.

I only discovered Magnum on the first of March with blogger Lissa Kahayon's tweets. And the other one she's exchanging tweets with. After some minutes, my timeline was filled with these 'Magnum'. What's Magnum? Me asking on the back of my mind. I saw a photo. And ooh, it's Selecta Ice Cream. Ms. Liz Uy's tweet came after and tagged Ms. Maria Ressa with an online review/advertisement of the ice cream. And there I saw it, and will be available on 7 Eleven stores starting March 2. 

So, yesterday. I asked a block mate of mine to accompany me in buying the Magnum ice cream and ended up treating her. It costs ha! The ice cream. Paid 120Php for both flavors instead of 100Php because there was a 10Php mark-up. Anyhoo, Magnum come in two flavors -- Classic and Chocolate Truffle! Try this sexed-up ice cream as describe in this post.

On me: 
Blouse- Arnie Villanueva's shop
I colorblock-ed this day but didn't get the chance to capture my whole outfit.

SupersaleBazaar later,
Marie :)